Taman Ujung Water Palace, a stunning feature of the Karangasem Royal Park, was constructed in 1909 by the Karangasem king.

It served as a peaceful retreat for the king and a venue for entertaining esteemed royal visitors.

Taman Ujung Sukasada is also fame as Taman Ujung Water Palace.

This park boasts a distinctive architectural style that blends Balinese, Chinese, and European elements.

The use of colorful glass in the buildings is reminiscent of European churches, while the gardens feature Chinese-inspired design.

Balinese influence can we see in both the interior and exterior of the park’s structures.

The architect responsible for designing Taman Ujung is a Dutchman and his name is Van Den Hentz, accompanied by Chinese architect Loto Ang and Balinese Undagi.

In 1921, The project was finish but the inauguration took place 16 years later in 1937.

Marble inscriptions in Latin and Balinese scripts, written in Malay and Balinese languages, serve as evidence of its completion.

The origin story of Taman Ujung Sukasada involves the transformation of a pond called Pond Dirah.

By the King of Karangasem, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, who had the title Anak Agung Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem at the time.

His vision was to turn the Dirah pond  into a stunning garden, which eventually led to the creation of Taman Ujung Sukasada in 1909.

Originally, the park spanned over 400 hectares, but during a land reform, the land was distribution into the public, leaving the current park area at 10 hectares.

The Dirah pool was once used as a means of testing individuals believed to have black magic. According to ancient beliefs, those accuse of practicing black magic would be place in the pool to prove their innocence.

If they fell ill afterwards, they were considere guilty of black magic. Conversely, if they emerge unscathed, they were deem innocent.

Taman Ujung Soekasada Karangasem

Taman Ujung Water Palace, A Stunning Royal Park

Apart from all the history regarding the establishment of Taman Ujung Sukasada and also the development of the Dirah Pond.

Which is a pond that proves ownership of black magic, and the earthquake caused by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 which hit the island of Bali.

And also had an impact on Ujung Sukasada Park, then this is the beauty of the rest of the park that we can enjoy today.

A garden area that is arranged in such a beautiful way and leaves such a magnificent building. From this park, we can know about how the beauty of architecture at that time.

Here are the attractions of Ujung Sukasada Park that you can find when you travel to Ujung Sukasada Park.

1. Designing Buildings With Aesthetic Architecture.

The architecture of the buildings in Ujung Sukasada Park is a unique blend of European, Chinese, and Balinese styles.

So that we can see the beauty of this classic style building. Even today, you can witness this remarkable combination in the remaining buildings that survived the devastating 1963 earthquake triggered by the eruption of Mount Agung.

2. The Scenery Surrounding The Park.

The Taman Ujung has a rich history as a former resting place for kings, which explains why it boasts such breathtaking views.

On the east side of the building in Taman Ujung, you can enjoy a stunning view of the ocean from a distance.

As you gaze towards the west, a magnificent mountain shrouded in clouds comes into view, exuding grandeur.

You can even see Mount Bibis, which is a mountain where the Lempuyang Temple is, and famous for the gate of heaven.

The Ujung Garden area boasts a variety of flower plants and other plants, contributing to the overall beauty of Taman Ujung Sukasada.

To the southeast, we can see the Ujung beach with black sand and fishing boats that lean on it.

3. Beautiful Pool

Having the name a water palace, there are three large ponds in the garden area. The pool stretches from north to south.

And in the pond live a lot of different types of fish, you can also feed these fish.

You can walk over the pond by crossing the beautiful and very classic style bridge.

Taman Ujung Location

Ujung Sukasada Park is located in Tumbu Tourism Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency, Bali.

Close to the Taman Ujung tourist attraction, you can visit the Ujung beach area, Jasri Beach and Tirta Gangga.

Taman Ujung Operational

Ujung Sukasda Park is open every day from Monday to Sunday with opening hours from 7 am to 5 pm.
so you can visit Unung Sukasada Park at these hours and days.

Taman Ujung Water Palace Facility

Taman Ujung Water Palace, A Stunning Royal Park

To support your travel activities so that you remain safe and comfortable, the facilities for toilets and parking lots are well available.

Apart from that, to find a place to stay that is close to the location of the Taman Ujung tourist object and also restaurants.

You can find it easily around this tourist attraction with various types according to the convenience you want.

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Taman Ujung  Entry Ticket

As for the tickets that are required to be paid for when you enter the Taman Ujung tourist attraction.

  • Domestic Adult Ticket Price: IDR 25,000 / person
  • Domestic Children Ticket Price: IDR 15,000/person
  • Foreign Adult Ticket Price: IDR 75,000/person
  • Ticket prices for foreign children: IDR 50,000/person
  • Photos for Domestic Prewedding: IDR 1,000,000 / All crew
  • Photo for Prewedding Foreigners: IDR 2,000,000/All crew
  • Bring a DSLR camera: IDR 50,000
  • Car parking: IDR 5000
  • Motorcycle parking: IDR 2000

Tips for Visit Taman Ujung Sukasada

As for the tips that you need to know to visit this Park  tourist attraction are;

  • prepare your energy and your mood to explore the Park with wide 10 hectare
  • Bring a camera for hunting the photo
  • Respect the environment around the park
  • Maintain the cleanliness and beauty of tourist attractions.

That’s a brief review of the tourist attraction Taman Ujung Water Palace. Hopefully, this article provides an overview and information for those of you who want to travel to the Taman Ujung Water Palace.

And as a complement to the information, it’s a good idea to read some references to tourist attractions in Karangasem regency that you can visit.

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