The wood carving of Mas Ubud is a world-class work of art with very high technique and artistic value. A masterpiece with many enthusiasts.

If you often visit the Ubud day Tours and best sightseeing. Of course, you will not miss the opportunity to visit art galleries in the Ubud area.

Apart from Ubud is famous for its beautiful natural charm.

The tourist area of ​​Ubud has people whose daily lives are thick with traditional life. Closely related to Balinese customs and culture.

Ubud is also one of the art centers in Bali. Almost every Ubud community has a high artistic spirit.

If we travel to a tourist spot in Ubud. It is not surprising we find various art made in great detail. As if the art is alive and has an artistic soul maker.

So, it’s not wrong to say that Ubud has high artistic value. Has a nickname as the city of art and culture. It feels very suitable to embed it in the Ubud area.

Ubud has become a barometer of art in producing sculptures and carvings of high artistic value. And also well-known art maestros whose works have become part of world exhibitions.

Ubud is a sub-district in Gianyar Regency, which consists of 7 villages, and one of the villages in Ubud is Mas village.

And became one of the areas producing wood carvings that have very high artistic value. And The wood carving of Mas Ubud very unique and has its characteristics.

Which is one of the villages that produce works of art of high value, If we talk about the art of carving and wood carving originating from Bali, of course, it cannot be separated from Ubud.

So for those of you who want to know more about wood carvings from the Mas Village, please read this article

Wood Carving of Mas Ubud

Wood Carving of Mas Ubud

Starting from the 18th century, many famous wood carvers emerged during the Pita Maha period, which was taught by Rodulf Bonnet in the 1930s.

Since 1930 Mas Village has been famous for its sculptures and carvings produced by art maestros from Mas Village.

Yup, the work of the village of Mas Ubud has been worldwide for a long time, so proud of the art from the village of mas?

For those of you who like works of art in the form of sculptures and carvings, it’s a good idea to visit this tourist village.

Because almost every resident’s house has its art gallery which produces art in the form of sculptures and carvings.

That they will display, and if you want you can buy some of their collections as souvenir  or you can learn directly in the workshop they have.

It is not surprising that along the road in the village of Mas Ubud, we will find an art gallery that displays and collects wood sculptures and carvings.

These are the names of the world-class art maestro who comes from Mas village. Who has brought and introduced Mas village carving and sculpture to the international scene.

    1. I Ratep,
    2. Ida Poetu Taman (1873-1953),
    3. Doyotan (1884-1994),
    4. Ketut Pedungan (KP) Rodja (1902-1965),
    5. Ida Bagus Gelodog (1912-1978),
    6. Ida Bagus Njana,
    7. Ida Bagus Tilem(1936-1993),
    8. Ida Bagus Sadra (1925 – 1975),
    9. Jero Mangku Liyer (1922-2016).

According to the history of the Babad Dwijendra Tatwa, the name of Mas Village comes from the name Tangi Tree Flower which has a golden color. Was planted by Pandeta Shiva Danghyang Dwijendera with his magic stick.

In the 15th century after the collapse of the Majapahit Kingdom in East Java, Pandeta Shiva Danghyang Dwijendera came to Tegal Tadjun Village.

Then Tegal Tadjun Village turned into Mas Village due to the blooming of a golden Tangi flower, so people called it Mas Village.

Fame Art Gallery of Mas Ubud

Does not deny the effect that has arisen as a result of the popularity of Desa Mas as a village of world-class sculptors.

So that it directly impacts the pattern of activities of the people of Desa Mas.

And over time, many people have taken up sculpture and carving, which have become part of their daily life.

If we travel to Mas Village, we will find many galleries and many famous galleries in Mas Village.

Here are some of the galleries that are the destination for tourists to enjoy sculpture and carving below ;

Ketut Puja Wood Carver, Ida Bagus Njana Gallery, Wismaya Gallery, Tantra gallery, Siadja Gallery, Manis Gallery, I Wayan Muka Mask Product, Mudana Wood Carver, I Made Karya Wood Carver, Gajah Bali gallery, Bidadari Gallery, Adil Wood Carving, Anom Mask Maker, Astina Galery.

And many more art galleries that you will find in this tourist village.

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These galleries have their style in each carving and sculpture. So you will be able to find the characteristics that each gallery has.

From the collection of sculptures and carvings produced by the artists in the gallery.

If you are a lover and collector of items that have high artistic value, of course, you will be able to see the differences in the patterns of carvings and sculptures from every gallery you have visited.