The Uluwatu Kecak Dance is one of the traditional art performing in Bali which is held every afternoon in the Uluwatu temple area. This unique and sacred dance performance is held for one hour performed by local dancers in Uluwatu. This show is very popular with tourists.

They can enjoy this dance when visiting Uluwatu Temple in the afternoon. Because this show starts at 6 pm. Truly a glorious, great and fantastic dance for you to watch while enjoying the sunset at the southern tip of Bali.

The dancers of Uluwatu Kecak dance are energetic with more than 60 shirtless men in traditional plaid clothes sitting in a circle. They all sound “Cak – Cak – Cak” rhythmically, there are no instruments that play a role but only sounds that come out of the mouths of the dancers in rhythm. In the circle there is also a traditional dance attraction that tells the story of the great Ramayana.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Location

Besides the enchanting dance story, the Uluwatu dance stage is made on the cliff of Uluwatu Temple. The location is very special, surrounded by panoramic views of the cliffs of Uluwatu and the Indian Ocean.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Just a few meters on the right side of the temple facing the Indian Ocean. This is a truly special location, especially when the weather is cheerful as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean right in front of the stage.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Story

The Uluwatu Kecak Dance plays a story about the Ramayana story, the expulsion of Hindus from the Ramayana legend. The story begins when Rama the prince is exiled in the forest because of family disputes in the Kingdom. He must give his right to be King to his younger brother ” Barata”

Even his brother didn’t want to, but he had to follow the wishes of his mother, Ratu Kekayi. Queen Kekayi is Rama’s stepmother, the second wife of Prince Rama’s father. The king promised moments before marrying Queen Kekayi that he would pass the throne on to his son.

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As the filial son of the first wife of the King, Rama must follow what his father promised. He did not want his father to break the promise that he would surely fall into sin.

This story actually starts over 12 years in the forest. Rama and his wife Sita were accompanied by his younger brother, Laksamana. In the forest they live in the most impoverished life but love protects them always together until Ravana witnesses Prince Rama’s wife.

Rahwana is a king of evil

Ravana is actually the opposite character, a king of evil. Ravana saw a beautiful woman in the forest and fell in love with her. But he could not contact her because the woman was with her husband Prince Rama and her brother.

Rawana started his trick by ordering his followers to turn into beautiful deer. This creature pulled Dewi Sita and asked her husband to catch this deer. This is actually Rawana’s intention to be able to approach Sita without the protection of her husband.

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Rawana Raja turns into a holly to ask for a gift, but as soon as Dewi Sita leaves the circle of protection created by Rama, Rawana kidnaps her and brings her to the kingdom of Alengka.

In this section comes the Jatayu bird who tries to help Sita, she fights valiantly but she is defeated by Ravana’s weapon. The Jatayu bird was later founded by Rama and told that Dewi Sita was run away by King Ravana. In his hunt to find his wife, Prince Rama met Hanuman the white monkey.

He was ready to help Rama to get his wife, then Prince Rama gave his ring to be given to his wife when they met. With his supernatural powers he flies to the Kingdom of Ravana and meets Prince Sita, making a disaster by burning the city of the Kingdom of Alenka Rahwana.

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This is actually the highlight of the show, where Hanuman with his great acting plays with fire. He arrived to the audience, playing with tourists with his funny acting like a white monkey.

The dance was almost over with the last episode where the evil King who was killed by Prince Rama. And met his wife, Price Sita.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Ticket Price

For those of you who want to see the Uluwatu Kecak dance performance, prepare some money to pay for the entrance ticket to the Uluwatu area, the cost of parking your vehicle and a ticket to watch the Kecak dance of course. All ticket costs are calculated separately. Here are the details;

Category Domestic Ticket Overseas
Entrance Ticket Uluwatu ( adult ) 30.000/ adult 50.000/ adult
Ticket Uluwatu Child 15.000/ child 25.000/ child
Parking bike ticket 2.000/ bike 2.000/ bike
Car Parking Fee 5.000/ car 5.000/ car
Kecak Dance Ticket ( adult ) 150.000/ adult 150.000/ adult
Ticket for child ( kecak dance ) 100.000/ child 100.000/ child

Opening Hour

For those of you who want to see the Uluwatu Kecak dance, you can come every Monday to Sunday. Show times are from 6 pm to 7 pm for the first session.

If there are a lot of fans in one day, this Kecak show can be held 2 times a day. That is the second session at 7 pm to 8 pm. So if you want to see the Kecak dance in the first session, please come early.

So, that’s the information about the Uluwatu Kecak dance that you can enjoy during your vacation in Bali. If you want to arrange a Bali tour package schedule, please contact us via whatsapp or email. Happy holidays.!