Have you ever traveled to Tanjung Benoa Beach? Did you play water sports in Tanjung Benoa… here is it Top 10 Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa.

If you are fond of traveling to the beach, you might be familiar with Tanjung Benoa Beach, a beach that is famous for its beauty and water sports.

Maybe some of you already know that Tanjung Benoa used to be a fishing village before into a water attraction.

Tanjung Benoa Beach is a beach area located in a village called Tanjung Benoa village, the name of the village, where the Tanjung Benoa beach area.

The tidal condition due to the moon’s gravity affects watersport activities at Tanjong Benoa Beach. When the tide is high, the water rides will start in the morning around 8 am until the afternoon.

But when the tide recedes, the water rides will start in the afternoon, around 10 am to the afternoon.

The beauty of Tanjung Benoa beach is undeniable, sitting on the peninsula of the island of Bali. The Tanjung Benoa beach has a relatively wide coast and calm seawater.

The beauty of the ocean floors of this white sandy beach is unquestionable. Tanjung Benoa Beach has two sides of the beach, namely the west coast and the east coast.

Therefore you can find it from the end of the west coast to the end of the east coast.  We will meet companies that offer various types of water rides.

Tanjung Benoa Beach is a perfect place and a paradise for water sports lovers.

Water sports lovers have already tried and felt the excitement of the water rides on Tanjung Benoa Beach. The Bali package team will compile a list of the Top 10 Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa.

Get ready for the excitement of water sports in Tanjung Benoa!!

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Top 10 Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

1. Flying Board

For those of you who like to watch series that contain scenes flying here and there using rockets that are driven. Like the spy kids series example.

The possibility of flyboarding is a suitable water vehicle for you to play. With flyboarding, you can maneuver and perform acrobatic movements above the surface of the seawater.

Of course, to be able to maneuver and levitate on the sea surface bag. You must follow the training and instructions given by the supervisors and trainers.

This water sport requires balance and good and strong leg muscles to play.

2. Flying Fish

Flying in an inflatable boat and flying around 3 meters above sea level will be an adrenaline-charged experience.

This ride reminds us of the movie Aladdin with his flying carpet. The difference is that if Aladin uses a rug, we use a fish-shaped rubber boat.

With the force of the speed boat to the middle of the sea. And opposite the direction of the wind will make the rubber boat lift.

We can choose a lying or sitting position on the rubber boat before the rubber boat is in the air.

Looking at the blue sky and watching the blue ocean from the flying fish ride is definitly very beautiful, isn’t it?

3. Rolling Donut

When we go to a Water Park or the beach. We can find a lot of circle-shaped rubber boats. Usually, we only use it to float and relax in the pool or follow the water current.

Therefore, friends, let’s try the rolling donut water ride so that riding this round rubber boat becomes more challenging.

The rolling donut will be taken to the middle of the sea by a speed boat. We will feel the sensation of traveling around the beach while riding and holding onto the rolling donut.

And we can feel the small waves of seawater approaching the rolling donut.

4. Banana Boat

A Banana boat is a rubber boat filled with air. It has a big rubber tube for sitting that is shaped like a banana and two smaller rubber tubes on the left and right as a counterweight as well as a foothold when playing this water ride.

The excitement of this water sport lies when you are enjoying the strong sea breeze and sliding on the waves at a certain speed.

The captain of a speed boat suddenly turns the speed boat around. When you are not ready will fall to the surface of the sea.

It will make you a little surprised and fun at the same time. You don’t need to worry that all security devices are secure and up to standard when you play this water sport.

5. Sea Walker

Have any of you ever watched an animation that tells about the beauty of the underwater world?

When we were little, of course, it would be great fun if we went on a trip to the beach. Then look at the cracks in the coral on the beach and observe the small fish trapped between the beach corals.

Even when we find a few starfish, we will be so happy. Sometimes even dream of playing and feeding the fish in the middle of the sea.

And for those of you who had this dream when you were little, it seems like a sea walker is a watersport for you to try to play.

Sea ​​walker rides are very exciting, you can walk on the seabed to see and observe the life of the underwater world.

No need to swim or dive, you can walk on the seabed like normal walking.

6. Parasailing

For fans of heights. Maybe parasailing sport will be suitable for you to do. This sport will take you in the air about 90 meters above sea level.

The speed boat will pull the parachute that you ride out to sea. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the atmosphere around the beach from a height.

It’s time to fly in the air and enjoy the excitement of parasailing. Feel the sensation of landing in the middle of the sea on a boat.

7. Snorkling

Enjoying the beauty and life of the underwater world is everyone’s hobby. There are many ways to enjoy and witness the beauty of the underwater world. One of them is snorkeling.

For those of you who don’t have enough skills in diving but have good skills for swimming. Or for those of you who want to keep swimming freely on the surface of the sea without having to be burdened by diving equipment

You can try snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Snorkeling does not require qualified swimming skills. Snorkeling is perfect for beginners.

The necessity is that you can swim safely and comfortably above sea level.

8. Wake Boarding

Skating in water is an exciting activity that water sports lovers do not want to miss. Have any of you tried wake boarding??

Most of them must have experience with this water ride. So, for those who haven’t tried it. Let it try to feel the sensation.

When sliding on the water, we usually look for a sloping place. And there are no other obstacles. And it will be going difference with wake boarding.

Water sports generally tend to be done in still water, but this is not the case for wake boarding. Wake boarding will be done on choppy water. That it will create a tense and exciting atmosphere.

9. Jet Sky

One of these extreme sports requires you to be able to control your balance as much as your speed. In this sport, all your muscles will work in driving and controlling the jet ski.

Increasing adrenaline while playing jetski it will make your body’s metabolism better. So this jetski sport is a tour that triggers adrenaline and can eliminate boredom due to routine. Also for the health of the body.

10. Scuba Diving

Who wants to swim like a mermaid in a fairy tale. Swim to and fro on the seabed and play with marine animals. Enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and peek at every marine life in every depth of the ocean floor.

Yupss …. all that you can do with scuba diving! Swim on the seabed, see various marine animals that may not be visible above sea level.

Diving is a valuable experience that you will have to tell later about the underwater world you have seen.

Safe tips for doing water sports


Ensuring that health conditions are in good condition and able to participate in water sports will be more profitable.

You have to really prepare your physical and mental health and readiness yourself. Because water sports require good energy and concentration.

Selection of  water sport

Water sport has various kinds and types of water rides. Choose the type of water rides that you think you can play well. and do not cause discomfort to yourself.

It is important to know your own capacity in playing with water rides.

Weather, Wave and Time

Do a mini research about the weather and when is a good time to play water rides. It is necessary to read weather forecasts broadcast by print and electronic media.

Ensure the weather conditions are clear and there is no potential for a thunderstorm. Besides that, it is also necessary to check the sea-level forecast.

Obey intructions

You must follow all the rules that have been made, directed, and given by the supervisors of water sports.

Without obedience in playing water sports, it will certainly endanger safety in activities.

So friends, those are some summary activities from water sports that are most enjoyed and even become a favorite activity among water sport lovers.

I hope this article for Top 10 Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa is useful for all of you who have never tried it and want to feel the excitement of this water sport.

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