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Pandawa Beach Bali - Exciting Activities and Instagramable Photo Spots

Pandawa Beach Bali – Exciting Activities and Instagramable Photo Spots

Pandawa Beach Bali – Exciting Activities and Instagramable Photo Spots – One of the tourist attractions on the island of Bali and its location not far from Uluwatu Temple is the Pandawa beach. The distance is only about 15 km and can be reached in approximately 25 minutes. In this tourist attraction, you can do various exciting activities and capture every moment in various interesting spots.

Unfortunately, Pandawa Beach is less attractive to foreign tourists because the sun often seems to be “off”. However, this beach is very popular with domestic tourists because it has clean sand, clear sea water, and affordable food prices.

The story behind the name of the Pandawa Beach Bali

The name of this beach is actually not Pandawa, but is called Melasti Beach. The location of the beach is far from the reach of people’s lives and completely isolated, making it rarely visited by visitors.

Coupled with the terrain that must be traversed to get to the Pandawa Beach Kutuh Bali is quite difficult. In fact, the beauty of this beach is really very charming. Until finally, an initiative emerged from the residents to establish a village in the area.

By working together, they are trying to create a livable village. It took them years before they finally managed to break the limestone cliffs apart for access to the beach.

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Pandawa Beach Bali – Exciting Activities and Instagramable Photo Spots

Due to the persistence of these residents, the name Melasti Beach was changed to Pandawa Beach. The name of this beach is inspired by the story of the struggle of the five Pandavas. In fact, during the inauguration of this beach, there was also a show titled Pandawa Beach Festival.

Location and route to Pandawa Beach

The location of this Kutuh Pandawa Beach is on the outskirts of Kutuh Village, Badung Regency, Bali. Compared to other beach locations on the Island of the Gods, Pandawa Beach has a fairly hidden location.

Because, you have to pass two large cliffs to get to this beach. That’s why many tourists call it The Secret Beach. However, access is relatively easy and there are two alternative routes that you can choose from, namely:

From the Denpasar City

If you are around the city center, you can use the Bali Mandara toll road by taking the Nusa Dua line to → Turn right towards Puja Mandala Nusa Dua → follow the main road until you see the Pandawa Beach Kutuh direction. → Then turn left until you see the beach.

From Ngurah Rai Airport

Meanwhile, for those of you who are from outside the city or abroad using air transportation. From Ngurah Rai Airport, the routes that must be followed are as follows:

Ngurah Rai Airport → turn right and follow the road that crosses → Pizza Hut Jimbaran → turn right then go straight until you arrive at Jalan Raya Kampus Unud → Jalan Goa Gong → T-junction turn left towards Jalan Dharmawangsa → continue until you see a roundabout then go straight until you arrive at the beach the one on the left.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Bali Pandawa Beach

Once you arrive at the location of this Kutuh Pandawa Beach, you will see a very large parking area. The applicable vehicle parking fee is the standard price, that is, for motorbikes, the rate is IDR 2,000 thousand per motorbike and for four-wheeled vehicles, IDR 5,000 thousand.

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In addition to reasonable parking fees, the entrance ticket to this beach location is also quite affordable. That is IDR 10,000 per person for domestic tourists and IDR 15,000 per person for foreign tourists. Quite cheap when compared to entrance tickets to other beaches on the island of Bali.

Fun Activities and Instagramable Photo Spot

Every visitor who comes will definitely recognize the enchanting natural beauty of Pandawa Beach. Not only that, there are lots of exciting and interesting activities that can be done while on the beach, including the following:

1. Watersport recreation

An exciting activity that you can do while on Pandawa Beach is enjoying water games (watersports). Starting from swimming, canoeing, surfing to snorkeling. No need to worry about equipment problems because everything has been provided by the manager.

2. Swimming

You can enjoy a beautiful beach panorama while playing with water, especially with the clear sea water conditions and clean white sand. The waves are relatively calm, making this beach safe to use for swimming.

3. Surfing

Besides swimming, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the beach which is still beautiful by surfing. Especially during the rainy season when the waves are quite high but constant, making it suitable for surfing.

4. Snorkeling

Another exciting activity while on this Kutuh Pandawa Beach is enjoying the underwater beauty. The tour manager rents special equipment for snorkeling for visitors who want to dive.

5. Play Canoe

For those of you who don’t want to get wet but want to enjoy the cool breeze on Pandawa Beach, you can play canoe that has been provided by the manager. The rental rate for a canoe with a capacity of one person per hour costs IDR 25 thousand. Meanwhile, a canoe with a capacity of two people costs IDR 50,000 per hour.

6. The Statue of the Five Pandava Knights

Another exciting activity is visiting and taking photos of the five Pandawa knight statues. Located between high cliff walls, the five statues stand firmly facing the beach. The five statues are Arjuna, Bima, Yudistira, Nakula, and Sadewa. There is one additional statue, namely Dewi Kunti who is the mother of the Pandavas.

7. Seaweed Cultivation

On the west side of Pandawa Beach Kutuh you will find many seaweed farmers whose activities are starting from planting, tying seeds, drying them in the sun to harvesting seaweed. Apart from capturing these activities, you can also learn from farmers how to cultivate seaweed.

8. Playing Paragliding

For extreme sports lovers, you can try playing paragliding or paragliding on Timbis Hill. With this one activity, you can explore the beauty of Pandawa Beach from the air while feeling the soothing breeze.

Pandawa Beach Bali - Exciting Activities and Instagramable Photo Spots

This paragliding equipment is rented on a per package basis starting from IDR 400 thousand per person. As a suggestion, the best time to “fly” is during the day or evening when the weather is favorable.

9. Traditional massage

After being tired from all day activities, you can relax and pamper your body by hiring a masseuse who is around the location of Pandawa Beach Kutuh. The price offered varies from IDR 40 thousand to IDR 130 thousand, depending on the duration and type of massage service you choose.

10. Enjoying Culinary and Hunting for Unique Souvenirs

On this Pandawa Beach, you can also hunt for typical beach culinary delights such as drinking young coconuts or enjoying delicious Pandawa Beach specialties. In addition, you can also hunt for beautiful and unique souvenirs ranging from clothes, fabrics, or Balinese art crafts.

For those of you who like to vacation in cool and clean coastal areas, Pandawa Beach Kutuh is the best choice while on the island of Bali. You can do various exciting activities and capture them to be showcased on your Instagram account.

The Best and Cheapest Way to Pandawa Beach

To reach this Pandawa Beach tourist attraction is very easy, because the road to the location is very good and can be accessed easily by the Google Map, if you use Google’s help. There are many types of transportation that you can use depending on your interests, from the cheapest by motorbikes, taxis, cars with your own driver or rental cars with a driver.

Of course, all of the options above must be adjusted to your budget, interests, comfort level and needs. If you are traveling in Bali and really appreciate the comfort of your vacation, then bali car rental with a driver can be said to be the most appropriate choice. Because there are many conveniences that can be obtained without thinking about the location, road, car, gasoline and others.

So that’s my brief review of famous tourist objects on the island of Bali and even to foreign countries, the location is in the southern part of the island of Bali, see you in my next article.