Does North Bali have good tourist attractions? To answer this question, we have written a summary of north Bali tourist attractions. As many people already know that the island of Bali is one of the islands for vacation destinations. The charm of the beauty of Bali Island is fabulous for anyone who visits Bali Island.

Most of the famous tourist attractions on the island of Bali. Are in southern Bali, East Bali, and Central Bali. Although some tourist attractions from North Bali and West Bali are also famous.

But not as crowded and famous as some places in southern Bali, East Bali, and Central Bali.

For example, South Bali has a watersport tours at Tanjung Benoa, or Kecak tours in Uluwatu.

And many more may have been visit repeatedly.

If you talk about Central Bali you already know Bedugul Botanical Garden, Tanah Lot Beach,and Kedungu Beach.

And many more tourist attractions that you already know in the central part of Bali. And Ubud is a tourist spot that may have become your subscription on vacation to East Bali.

As for the tourist attraction that we will discuss for the northern part of Bali. We will specialize in Buleleng Regency.

This district location is in the northern tip of the island of Bali. This district has a capital city called Singaraja City. Buleleng Regency has a 144 km long coastline and nine sub-districts.

The topography of the Buleleng Regency. Is in the form of hills that stretch in the southern part. And the northern part is lowlands and oceans.

Has a diverse topography that, makes it unique for tourist attractions in Buleleng Regency.

North Bali Tourist Attractions

Well, friends, here are some tourist attractions that we have summarized and presented to all of you.

1.Aling -Aling Waterfall

North Bali Tourist Attractions

Aling-Aling Waterfall location is in the middle of the wilderness in Sambangan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency.

So it requires us to trek into the forest approximately 2 kilometers from the parking location to the waterfall. The scenery in this tourist attraction is fabulous and offering the natural charm of the waterfall.

There are various activities you can do in this tourist attraction area. The surrounding nature is still beautiful and will bring calmness when visiting this waterfall.

The waterfall has a height of 35 meters a heavy flow of water falling into the pool right below the waterfall. The depth of the pool is about 4 meters, the pool water looks turquoise blue during the dry season.

Around the pool is a high cliff fence with vines that cover the entire surface of the cliff until it looks green. Near the pond, there is a tiny depression that becomes a way for water to flow.

During the dry season, the flow of the waterfall splits into two. And there is a rock in the middle of the waterfall. So it looks like twin waterfalls that are so mesmerizing.

2.Puncak Manik Wanagiri Waterfall

North Bali Tourist Attractions

Waterfall attraction that presents three twin waterfalls in one area, making it a waterfall scene that you rarely encounter.

Thelocation is in the middle of a protected forest in Wanagiri village, Sukasada sub-district, Buleleng Regency.

So to reach the location of the waterfall, along the road, you will pass through residents’ plantations, namely hectares of coffee plants, through the forest, rocks, and climb stairs by stairs.

The flow of this waterfall comes from mountain springs so the water is clear and fresh. At the bottom of this waterfall, there is a shallow pool.

You can enjoy the freshness of the Pucak Manik waterfall by swimming in this pool.

The flow of Pucak Manik waterfall is always stable throughout the season.

Because the water source comes from mountain springs, although sometimes the water discharge is tiny in the dry season.

The view from the Pucak Manik waterfall combines cliff and forest scenery, providing spectacular natural scenery.

3.Banyu Mala Waterfall

North Bali Tourist Attractions

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall located on the valley floor of Banjar Asah Panji, Wanagiri Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

This waterfall has three streams of water, of which the highest and largest waterfall is right in the middle. And the other two smaller waterfalls are on the right and left.

That’s why this waterfall is called the Banyumala twin waterfall. The tallest waterfall is about 20 meters high. The natural beauty of this waterfall is stunning.

The flying waterfall is carring by the wind.

From a height, the water flows swiftly between rocks covered with aquatic plants as if separating the waterfall into three parts.

Right below the waterfall, there is a pool with a diameter of about 15 meters that you can use to swim and feel the cold sensation of the waterfall.

The twin Banyumala waterfalls are very clear. You will be able to see the bottom of the pool and the rocks and small fish that live along the flow of the waterfall.

4.Pemuteran Village

North Bali Tourist Attractions

If you love the view of nature from the top of a hill, you also have a penchant for beach trips and exploring marine life. You can travel to both places simultaneously in one place.

By visiting Pemuteran village,you will see a view of the hills as stunning as the sea. Pemuteran Village is a small coastal village located on Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

A tranquil beach atmosphere that offers a beautiful view of the Bali Sea combined with the hills. You can imagine how quiet and beautiful this Pemuteran village is.

5.Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is famous for dolphin watching activities in the middle of the sea and the sunset. You can witness in the middle of the seawater, when you on a boat.

There are dozens and even hundreds of dolphins in the lovina beach area. To watch dolphins in the middle of the seawater, we have to go to the middle of the sea before sunrise by boat.

From a distance of about 2 km from the shoreline. We can already see dolphins chasing around. Some are jumping to the surface, and some are just swimming.

In addition to watching dolphins from the boat, you can also swim in the sea together with dolphins.

Diving activities on Lovina beach are no less exciting various marine wildlife which is live on the seabed of Lovina beach of types.

6.Twin Lake

Bali Instagram Tour; Bedugul, Handara Gate & Banyumala Waterfall

Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan which have adjacent locations so often known as twin lakes. Located on Wanagiri Sukasada Pancasari Sukasada, Gobleg, Kec. Banjar, Buleleng Regency.

The atmosphere in this tourist attraction is fresh and shady as the atmosphere in the mountains. The beautiful scenery of the twin lakes is quite beautiful with clear blue water from a distance and rows of awesome green hills surrounding the twin lakes.

So there are about 10 photo spots around the twin lake area where all the photo spots lead to the beautiful and romantic scenery of the Twin Lakes.

In addition, you can see the sunset view, which is a combination of blue and orange colors above the Twin Lakes sky, where the charm of the sunset sky can generally be seen on the beach.

7.Busung Biu Rice Terrace

North Bali Tourist Attractions

If you like the view of rice terraces, you have already visited tegalalang or jatiluwih. These two attractions are famous for their rice fields and the green hills that surround the area.

And Busung Biu rice terrace adds to long line of beautiful rice fields in Bali.Busungbiu Rice terraces located on Kekeran Village, then the rice terraces are breathtaking.

The fresh air and calm surrounding atmosphere, and the melodious chirping of birds complement the atmosphere of Busung Biu rice terrace.

The natural panorama of the mountains, the beautiful rice fields, and the hills and waving nyiur trees is stunning combination of scenery.

You can also do exciting activities such as Rice Paddy Trekking to explore the entire green and beautiful Busungbiu Rice Terrace area and see the life activities of farmers in the rice fields.

You will find a stream in the middle of the rice fields that meanders with clear water. While walking you can also take some photos with the rice fields in the background.

8.Gitgit Waterfall

North Bali Tourist Attractions

Gitgit waterfall is located in the rainforest in Gitgit village, Sukasada sub-district, and has a height of 35 meters and is the highest waterfall on the island of Bali.

In the area of this waterfall attraction, you will see a variety of tropical trees that grow around the waterfall and various wildlife that live in the rainforest.

The flow of water from Gitgit waterfall is very stable throughout the year.

You will see several plantations along the way, like coffee and clove plantations, before entering the rainforest area, which will finally bring you to Gitgit Waterfall.

To reach the location of Gitgit waterfall, you will walk along the path for approximately 30 minutes.

The atmosphere of the Gitgit Waterfall attraction is fresh and soothing, and along the way, you will hear various bird flares that accompany your journey along the way to the waterfall.

9.Banjar Hot Spring

If you like to soak in naturally formed hot springs. Then come to the Banjar hot spring tourist attraction. The hot springs located on this tourist attraction are said to eliminate various problems on human skin.

Regardless of whether it is true or not. it is the belief of each. Banjar hot spring has a water source containing sulfur that is safe for bathing and soaking.

Three pools in this tourist location can be used, for bathing and swimming. The location of the Banjar hot spring is on Banjar Road, Banjar village, Banjar sub-district, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

You will find various facilities when traveling to banjar hot Springs.

10.Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is an island located 5 miles northwest of Bali. And has an area of about 1500 meters X 500 meters which is part of the West Bali National Park area from 1982.

Menjangan means deer / deer which live on this island, there are many herds of deer or wild deer we can find. Because of this island is named Menjangan island.

Menjangan island has beautiful underwater scenery much of the tourists who know this island are marine wildlife enthusiasts. And this island is famous for the best Wall Diving in Bali.

Menjangan island is a white sandy beach area with blue sea water with green color gradations. So as to cause color gradations in seawater due to the seabed there are many plankton that thrive, on the seabed there are coral reefs still natural and inhabited by colorful fish.

Transportation Options to Tourist Attractions in North Bali

To travel, of course, you need a variety of accommodations that can support your activities while traveling. Without proper accommodation the tourist activities will end up with the mess.

Suppose the selection of the mode of transportation you want to use. Use a safe and comfortable means of transportation so you can avoid any problems during the trip.

You can drive yourself or rent a car in Bali with a driver who is ready to take you to your destination, so you just sit back and enjoy the trip.

Well friends, that’s some summary of Tourist Attractions in North Bali that we can summarize for all friends.

Hopefully this article is useful for friends who want to know and travel to Tourist Attractions in North Bali. See you in the next article about various tourist attractions in Bali and its surroundings.