Want to climb Mount Batur? if Yes, before climbing you must to know the Mount Batur Trekking Starting Point. It’s good for your adventure safety. In this time, I will explain about the starting point of trekking Mount Batur. There are several choices of trekking trails that you can choose in making the climb to Mount Batur.

Trekking to Mount Batur, we need approximately 2 hours from the start point until the summit of Mount Batur. On the way to trekking Mount Batur you will conquer a height of 1717 meters above sea level, so you will exhaust your energy in this climb.

But walking in the dark time under the trees through the trekking trails of Mount Batur is a memorable experience. Of course, this climb will not feel so tiring. Each trekking route of Mount Batur has a resting point that you can use to restore your energy that was drained on the previous trip.

4 Mount Batur Trekking Starting Point or Hiking Trail

There are 4 hiking/trekking routes that you can use or choose as a starting point for trekking to the top of Mount Batur. It’s a good idea to know which path, before you decide to choose the starting point of climbing Mount Batur. Below are some options about this hiking trail.

1. Mount Batur Trekking Via Pasar Agung Temple

Climbing Mount Batur Via Pasar Agung

This place is the shortest starting point, because we can start from the stomach of Mount Batur, we can access this place by car and motorbike. To get to this hiking trail, you have to pass through the Jati temple first, then head to the Pasar Agung Batur temple.

After arriving at Pasar Agung Temple, you can immediately start the climb by passing quite steep and long rocks with a duration of about 30 to 40 minutes. Then you will arrive at the second peak of Mount Batur after passing through steep rocks, this peak is better known as Peak Kanginan by the local community.

Tips for Climbing Mount Batur from Pasar Agung Temple

You need to know, the hiking trail is not as easy as we imagine, because there are climbing points that provide rather extreme terrain through sandy and slippery paths. Therefore, I recommend using shoes with good grip because of the rock and sand terrain you will be going through during the hike.

Sticks are very helpful in climbing if you choose Pasar Agung Temple. Because the stick will support your body and make your balance better.

2. Hiking route through the starting point of Toya Bungkah

Mount Batur Trekking Starting Point

If you choose Toya Bungkah as your starting point for trekking, you will get a lot of convenience. Among them; the trails are shorter and easier with less steep or steep climbing terrain. The reason is, since 2017 the Mount Batur motorcycle taxi association has repaired this route.

Even motorbikes with large cc can easily pass this hiking trail up to a height of 1,650 meters above sea level. The rest is a 15-20 minute ride through not-so-steep rocks. There are 3 points of hiking trails available on the east side of Mount Batur, such as; 50% points, 80% points and at the main peak.

The plus, if you feel tired, you can see the sunrise from three view point options and adjusted to your own fitness level. On the way up through the toya bungkah, almost 60% of the climbing terrain is in the middle of shady trees such as acacia trees and eucalyptus trees and various other types of trees. So if you climb Mount Batur through this route, you will not feel hot/hot when descending Mount Batur.

3. Mount Batur trekking through the Serongga starting point

Mount Batur Trekking Starting Point

The starting point of Serongga is almost exactly the same as the Toya Bungkah route, but there are some differences, such as; slippery sandy road, which you have to pass for 30 minutes before reaching the top. Therefore, it takes extra energy when you take this hiking trail.

There is only one view point, namely at the top of Mount Batur, so inevitably you have to be fit because to be able to see the sunrise or a good view you can only see it from above (1717 mdpl)

The starting point of Serongga is located to the east of Toya Bungkah about 5 km, so it is recommended that you depart early because the starting point location is further than usual.

4. Climbing through the Culali starting point / Bukit Mentik

Mount Batur Trekking Starting Point

The starting point with the hiking trail through Culali is the longest trail at the foot of Mount Batur. You will need a longer time than other starting points for climbing Mount Batur, namely; 2.5 – 3 hours to reach the main peak.

We do not recommend this hiking trail if you climb in the dark because the sandy and rocky paths that you will pass are quite long. Although it has the longest route, this start point has the advantage of seeing the second crater (new crater) of Mount Batur which last erupted in 2000.

Well, those are some choices of hiking trails that you can choose as a Mount Batur Trekking starting point. Now you can determine which path you will choose. And chooses the easiest one, please see batur sunrise trekking. You can use this service to make your climb easier by providing a free climbing guide service with friendly and experienced service.