Gunung Payung Beach Bali is one of the beautiful beaches that adds to the long line of beautiful beach names in Bali. Yup, when talking about beaches in Bali, from the west to the east, it will never end. Beach tourism in Bali always surprises us with new beach discoveries.

Maybe we think and feel that we have explored most of the beach destinations in Bali.

Yup, in line with time, it turns out that many beaches have sprung up, beaches that become hidden gems and then become the hit’s new beach destinations.

There will always be updates about places that become tourist destinations in Bali. And one of them is Bali’s Gunung Payung beach in Kutuh village. South Kuta.

If you hear the name of Kutuh village, South Kuta sub-district, Then you will remember the attractions of Pandawa Beach, Nyang-Nyang Beach, and Melasti Beach.

And yups and Gunung Payung Beach add to the list of beautiful beaches in the village of Kutuh.

Kutuh village is a village that is part of the south Kuta sub-district, Badung regency. Kutuh village is one of the tourist villages in Bali with beautiful beach tourism.

So if you have the opportunity to travel to Bali. You must come to Kutuh village and see the beautiful beaches in this village.

Besides having a very beautiful beach view. Kutuh village has been transformed into a tourist village that has excellent facilities for supporting tourism activities in Kutuh village.

Being on top of limestone hills and directly adjacent to the sea is a topography that is very attractive for marine tourism and also tourists who visit.

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Tourist Attraction in Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach Bali

And just like Pandawa Beach, which is located in the traditional village of Kutuh, Gunung Payung Beach is managed by the community of Kutuh traditional village.

Gunung Payung Beach is a white sandy beach that is located under a cliff, so for those of you who want to play by the beach.

You have to follow a 300-meter long descending path with a duration of about 10 to 15 minutes and then continue with a few more stairs. will take you to the front of the beach.

Gunung Payung Beach has a location that is quite close to Pandawa Beach, these two beaches have a distance of approximately 4 km.

So the characteristics of the beach on Pandawa Beach are also found on Gunung Payung Beach.

If Pandawa Beach is famous for the row of statues of the Pandavas and the goddess Kunti carved on the side of the beach cliff, then Gunung Payung Beach has Gunung Payung Cultural Park.

It is an amphitheater that stands on a cliff overlooking the sea. That’s not the only interesting thing you can enjoy when visiting Gunung Payung Beach.

As a beautiful beach in Kutuh village, Gunung Payung Beach offers several tourist attractions that you can do instead of just enjoying the beauty of the beach (although this is probably what we often do not do when visiting the beach).

From just enjoying the nature of the beach,  then to do an exciting tourist activity that can make your adrenaline become challenged.

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Here the attraction of the Gunung Payung beach that can captivate you;

1. Charming Beach View

This beach which is located under a cliff has an attractive and charming beach charm. Don’t worry because the way down has been laid out very nicely and still maintains the naturalness of the cliffs.

Gunung Payung Beach is one of the beaches in the south of Bali Island and directly facing the Indian Ocean, so when you walk down the road to the shore you will find a charming beach view.

So even when walking down the road you can already see the beauty of the beach and other views of the hills on the other side of the beach.

As far as the eye can see you will see views of the blue sea with sand white and solid cliffs. This beach is very clean and beautiful.

When you are on the shoreline you see the cliffs of the limestone hills that become the beach walls grown by plants typical of the coast, not infrequently these plants even flower and bear fruit.

You can see other natural scenery that is around the coast of Mount Payung, you can see other limestone hills that lead to the open sea.

2. A Sacred Area Around The Beach

as you know that this beach has the name Gunung Payung beach, where the name of this beach refers to the name of sacred area that is on the cliffs of the beach.

The existence of this temple is inseparable from the history of the great priest from the island of Java named Dang Hyang Nirartha or Dang Hyang Dwijendra.

A Maharsi who came to Bali after the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom due to war. He came to Bali around the 15th century.

When he was in Dukuh Village, he heard all the complaints of the people of Dukuh Village who experienced water difficulties.

So he put the umbrella algae that he brought from the island of Java on the ground, then a holy spring appeared.

And by the local community at that time to maintain the sanctity and spring water and respect and devotion to Dang Hyang Nirartha. A temple was built called Gunung Payung temple.

And until now this spring is a source of water. And until now this spring has become a source of water that is sanctified and very well utilized by the community.

There stands a temple on the edge of the coastal cliff firmly and majestically. If you visit the Gunung Payung beach area.

Before entering the temple you will see the sacred temple of Gunung Payung, which already has a neat and beautiful arrangement.

In the Gunung Payung beach area, you will see a herd of primates with tails that sometimes play and chase each other. Because of that, you have to be careful and not injure the animal

3. Gunung Payung Cultural Park

A place that is a place for recreation, arts, and culture in the Gunung Payung Beach tourist area. With the establishment of an outdoor amphitheater that functions to hold various artistic and cultural performances,

Which makes the beautiful blue sea of ​​Gunung Payung Beach as the background. Here you will find traditional Balinese houses, as well as various interesting photo spots.

Apart from that, art and cultural performances are often held here, such as the Kecak dance.

4. Krida Mandala I ketut Lotri

If you like playing soccer, you can visit the I ketut Lotri soccer field, a field used by young children to play soccer, and this soccer field has very well-maintained soft grass and very beautiful beach views.

5. Paragliding

For those of you who like heights and don’t have a fear of high places, you can take part in the Paragliding game.

Around the Gunung Payung beach area, you will find several paragliding game rental services, where this game will take you to see the beauty of the beach Mount Umbrella from a height,

You will see how the beauty of the Kutuh hill with the charm of its beaches can make anyone fascinated.

6. Canoe

If you like canoeing, you can rent a canoe that is rented out by a rental service located in the Gunung Payung Beach tourist area.

You can canoe around the coast of Mount Payung and see marine life from the sea level.

Rowing a canoe on the surface of the blue and clear sea water while looking into the water, looks like fun, doesn’t it?.

7. Surfing

You need to know that the waves at Gunung Payung Beach are very large as are the characteristics of the waves on the south coast of Bali,.

That’s why many surfers come to Gunung Payung Beach and play adrenaline-pumping surfing.

They are vying to conquer the waves on the beach of the Gunung Payung which are quite large.

8. Sunbathe

For those of you who like to sunbathe on beach sand, You don’t need to be afraid to sunbathe on this beach,

Because apart from being a quiet place, this beach has soft white sand. So that it becomes a comfortable place to sunbathe and enjoy the sunshine.

9. Swiming

It’s incomplete if you don’t go on a trip to the beach and enjoy the freshness of the beach water. With its greenish-blue sea water, you can swim and enjoy the fresh seawater at Gunung Payung Beach.

10. Sunset & Sunrise

If you really like the beauty of the sky before sunrise or sunset. You can visit Gunung Umbrella Beach, the charm of the sunset and sunrise is no less beautiful.

You can enjoy the sunset either from the top of the cliff, sitting in a cafe while enjoying food and drinks, or while playing in the water and sand on the beach.

Both sunset and sunrise are very beautiful on this beach.

11. Photographi

For those of you who are going to the world of photography. By visiting the Gunung Payung Beach tourist attraction, you will find lots of unique and beautiful photo spots against the backdrop of the blue ocean and limestone hills.

Ticket Entry To Gunung Payung Beach Bali

Gunung Payung Beach Bali

The price of admission for the Gunung payung Beach Bali tourist attraction is affordable price for those of us who want to see the beauty of the Gunung Payung beach object, as for the following entry ticket prices;

For adult foreign tourists will be charged a tariff of IDR 8000, for local adults paying a ticket of IDR 4000, and for children is Free.

Apart from paying for the entrance ticket, you also have to pay for the parking rental for the vehicle that you are carrying, for the parking rental car it is IDR 5000, for the bus it is IDR 10000 for motorbikes it is IDR 2000.

Gunung Payung Beach Operating Hours

Gunung Payung Beach’s opening hours are 24 hours. Anyway, the best time to go to the beach is before 6 am or before 5 pm, to see the beautiful beach scenery with its sunset and sunrise.

Facilities at Gunung Payung Beach

Many facilities have been built to make traveling activities smooth. from small cafes selling food and drinks, toilets, good parking, shuttles to the beach, and several places to rent beach games.

even the path that was built to the beach is managed very beautifully and neatly.

Tips for traveling to Gunung Payung Beach Bali

For a trip to Gunung Payung Beach, there are no special tips because you can find almost all the facilities around the Gunung Payat tourist attraction.

From lodging, and restaurants to public facilities you can find easily.

The only thing you need to do is always protect and respect the Gunung Payung tourist attraction area.

Especially with the existence of a sacred area and also a herd of tailed primates that inhabit the open forest on Kutuh Hill.

So, those are all the things that we can summarize for you about the Gunung Payung beach tourist attraction.

Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for those of you who want to know about the Gunung Umbrella beach attraction.

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And don’t forget to always use the best accommodations while you are on vacation to the island of Bali. like a means of transportation that can help you reach the tourist spots you want to visit.

See you again in our next article about updating tourist attractions in Bali and its surroundings. as well as interesting tourist attractions from Bali island tourism.