Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring Bali is one of the cultural preservation places as well as Ubud tourist attractions. And is one of the oldest and most extraordinary archeological temple complexes in Bali. Built on a hill, near the Pakerisan river. It is a Balinese Hindu temple built in the 11th century.

Located on Jl. Pejeng, Tampak Siring Ubud Bali. The location of the old temple, near the Pakerisan river, in the Tampak Siring area which is in the northeast of Ubud’s tourist attractions

About Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring Bali

At Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring Bali, there is a shrine that is carved on a rock slope at an altitude of 8 meters with a total of 10 relics. The purpose of building this temple was to worship King Udayana Warmadewa. Interpretation of intention to make Gunung Kawi temple based on the manuscript found on Gunung Kawi in Ubud Bali.

Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring Bali

There are three religious groups at Gunung Kawi Temple, the first is a group of Lima temples. Five temples are called because there are five tombs carved on the eastern slopes and relics facing west. A cult group dedicated to Raja Udayana and Anak Wungsu.

Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring Bali – the oldest and most extraordinary archeological temple complexes in Bali

The second group is called the Four temples, which are located on the western side of Gunung Kawi in Bali. A cult group dedicated to the savings of the Wungsu Children. Meanwhile, on the southwest side, there is only one temple or the tenth place of worship. This tomb was dedicated to the prime minister during the reign of Wungsu Son

Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring Bali

Follow the steps to the Pakerisan River, past the green rice terrace, through the rain forest, and past the old stone bridge into the complex. On the right are five small huts for carers who guard the temple. On the west side of the river is a natural bathing pool. For a small fee, you can take a shower or wash under a fountain.

Entrance Ticket Price

To enter this site, you must pay the entrance fee of Gunung Kawi temple which is IDR 50,000 / person. Gunung Kawi Temple opening hours for visitors starting at 07:00 – 17:00.

Dressmaking Enters Gunung Kawi Temple

Every temple in Bali that you want to enter, is obligatory for each guest to use a sarong and scarf at the waist. You can buy this sarong, or you can rent it at the ticket counter. Some temples offer free scarf + shawl rentals, and some don’t. Find this Location with Local Guide Driver

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Place of interest near by Gunung Kawi Temple

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