Goa Raja Bangli Waterfall is a tourist attraction in the Tembuku area of Bali, and what is the beauty of this Raja Cave tourist attraction, see the following article.

Bangli district is one of the regencies on the island of Bali. This district is famous for the Kintamani tourist area, Mount Batur, Lake Batur, Batur Geopark and Penglipuran Village.

Apart from these tourist objects, Bangli Regency also has many other tourist attractions.

Such as several very famous waterfall attractions, such as the Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Tibu Mana Waterfall, and the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, which of course you have visited.

Even though there are many other waterfall attractions that you can actually visit when you travel to Bangli district.

Such as the Yellow Waterfall, Tirta Payuk Waterfall, Pengibul Waterfall, Tangkub Waterfall, Bunutin Waterfall, and Sangsang Waterfall.

And with the existence of the Goa Raja Waterfall Bangli tourist attraction, it adds a long row of waterfalls which of course you can visit.

Goa Raja waterfall location is in Tembuku district. Tembuku sub-district itself has 4 waterfall attractions and one of them is Goa Raja Waterfall.

There are also other waterfall attractions located in Tembuku Bangli, namely the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, the Giri Campuhan Cave Waterfall, and the Krisik Waterfall.

And specifically for this Goa Raja waterfall tourist attraction, when you visit the Goa Raja tourist attraction, you will not only find the flow of the Goa Raja waterfall.

But you will also find a cultural heritage of the ruins of Jehem Temple which is in Jehem Village.

Besides there is a cultural heritage, namely the ruins of the Jehem temple and the Goa Raja waterfall,

At this tourist spot you can do a spiritual cleansing where in this tourist spot you will find several natural showers which are holy springs for Melukat

The Attraction Of The Goa Raja Bangli Waterfall Tourist Attraction.

If we visit this tourism object, then we will get a very interesting tourism experience where we can have historical tours, spiritual tours and nature tours.

We get this from the ruins of the Jehem cliff temple, a holy spring and the Goa Raja waterfall with beautiful views.

And here are some interesting things that you will find when visiting the Goa raja  tourist attraction.

1. Beautiful Natural Panorama

When entering this tourist spot you will see a place that really soothes the eye. on either side of the path to get to the Goa Raja tourist attraction you will see lush green trees that grow and are in the cliff area.

You will also see several large fern trees along the path to the waterfall.
Besides that you will see several wooden bridges and also a very clear river flow with rocks that adorn the river.

The wooden bridges that you walk through are like a bridge in a fairyland. Which crosses a clear river flow with the left and right sides there are some beautiful plants growing.

And then there are river rocks that add to the beauty of the scenery.

2. Trekking Down To Valley

To explore the location of the waterfall you have to do trekking for 15 minutes. With a distance of about 200 meters from the vehicle parking lot by going down some stairs.

And walking on the edge of the cliff and along a green valley. Where there is a clear river flowing from the waterfall of the Goa Raja.

3. The Ruins Of The Jehem Cliff Temple

You will see the ruins of the Jehem cliff temple before you arrive at the location of the Raja Cave waterfall. A temple that is thought to have existed since the 11th century AD.

And in 1991 a landslide caused the Cliff Jehem Temple to detach from its cliff and fall to the bottom of the valley. Before local residents discovered and reported their findings to the relevant agencies.

Finally the temple was relocated to a safe place. So that we can still see the beauty of a cultural heritage to this day.

Meanwhile, the Jehem Cliff Temple has thick carvings with temple reliefs in the form of a Buddhist stupa at the top of the temple.

And to the left and right of the carved gate there are carved relief statues that are worn out.

Meanwhile, the Jehem Cliff Temple has the same pattern as the Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple.

4. Holy Spring Water

You will find a holy spring water which is for a place for spiritual cleansing of the body and soul. Which is usually called Melukat by the Balinese people.

There is a place of worship dedicated to the creator of nature. To ask for his blessings in purifying the heart, mind and soul.

You can do one of the captivity rituals with the help of the stakeholders.

5. Gorgeous Natural Rock Pools

You will find two beautiful natural rock pools that you can use for Soaking and swimming in the tourist area of the Goa Raja Waterfall, you will see rocks arranged like cliffs flowing in one of the ponds.

Swimming and Soaking in natural pools while looking at the views of waterfalls and verdant trees that grow and are in the river valley.

And accompanied by the sounds of birds that live around the tourist attraction. is an interesting atmosphere to do.

6. The Big Cave In front of the waterfall

You will find a large cave which is next to the flow of the waterfall.

This cave has a large cave entrance and you can see the waterfall flowing swiftly from the mouth of the cave.

7. The Beautifull waterfall

You will meet two waterfalls that are on tourist sites.

The first is a waterfall that is in front of the mouth of the cave and the second is a waterfall that flows into a terraced rock pool.

Beautiful scenery isn’t it, we can find two waterfalls at once in one tourist spot.

8. The Atmosphere Of A Quiet, Peaceful And Soothing Tourist Spot

The atmosphere of a quiet, peaceful and calming tourist spot is what you will feel when you visit this tourist spot.
away from the crowds and in the middle of a valley flanked by cliffs.

Of course, this place is the right place to release all your fatigue.

Even though it is in a valley and very natural, this tourist spot is very well maintained and clean. you will find several gazebos as well as meadows and trees neatly arranged along the river.

So that you can enjoy the natural beauty of Goa Raja Waterfall very comfortably and safely.

Sitting and relaxing while listening to the gurgling of river water and the flow of waterfalls is really a pleasant atmosphere.

9. Capture Interesting Moments

You can capture various moments when you travel to this tourist attraction with various interesting and of course artistic photo spots.

Like taking a photo with a waterfall as a backdrop that you can capture from inside the mouth of the cave.

Took a few photos in the river and pond area, as well as on a wooden bridge with large ferns growing on the left and right sides.

Goa Raja Waterfall Bangli

The Entry Ticket of Tourist Spot

There is a ticket price that you need to pay for a trip to the Goa Raja waterfall of IDR 20,000.

Is an affordable ticket price for the natural panorama. That you will get when you enter the Goa Raja Waterfall tourist area.

The Location of Goa Raja Water Fall

The location of the Goa Raja Bangli  waterfall tourist attraction is in Banjar Jehem Kaja, Jehem Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency.

If you are traveling to the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, you should take the time to also visit the Goa Raja Waterfall. because the distance from the two tourist attractions is 10 minutes away.

The Facility of Goa Raja Bangli Waterfall

To support tourism activities, several facilities arrange and manage properly.

Such as the existence of several gazebos that you can use to relax, toilets, lockers and changing rooms, parking and roads and footbridges that are built very nicely.

So that you can feel safe and comfortable while traveling.

The Operational Hour of Goa Raja Waterfall

The tourist spot of the Goa Raja waterfall is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm.

It is better if you want to visit this tourist spot, try to come in the morning to enjoy the fresh morning air in the Goa Raja waterfall area.

Tips for Visit Goa Raja Waterfall

As for the tips that you need to know to visit this waterfall tourist attraction are;

  • prepare your energy because you will be trekking for 200 meters.
  • Bring a change of clothes and necessities.
  • Respect the environment around the waterfall, especially the sacred area that is also there.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and beauty of tourist attractions.

That’s a brief review of the tourist attraction Goa Raja Waterfall. Hopefully, this article provides an overview and information for those of you who want to travel to the Goa Raja Waterfall.

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