Best Things to Do in Kintamani – Do you want a vacation or sightseeing tour in Kintamani? Kintamani is a popular tourist destination besides Kuta. However, many travelers are confused about things to do in Kintamani. So with this article, we will explain whats you can do and see in kintamani.

You need to know beforehand about Kintamani. A tourist area that is always busy visited by domestic and international tourists. They can explore and do unique and amazing things in this area. Located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level has cool and cold weather in the afternoon and evening.

located in the north of ubud with a panoramic view of the volcanoes and lakes that you can find in Kintamani. Then natural hot spring water that you can use for reflexology. In addition, the tourists really like the atmosphere of the sunrise here.

Best Things to Do in Kintamani

So here is a list of things you can see and do in Kintamani, let’s see one by one, hopefully it can increase your knowledge.

1. Discover the Panorama of the Volcano and Lake

Best Things to Do in Kintamani

The kintamani area provides a point point to capture this unique and rare panorama. The location is in the Penelokan Village area. Where it is located on the edge of the largest caldera in the world. From this viewpoint you can see the splendor of the 3rd highest mountain in Bali by looking at the black lava that occurred when Mount Batur erupted for the first time.

Make your beautiful photo at this viewpoint, a photo with a background of Mount Batur and a lake with blue water. Many tourists will choose this point to capture their traveling moments here.

2. Rest with Volcano and Lake Views

Best Things to Do in Kintamani

Enjoy a relaxing coffee and lunch at the caldera side restaurant. This restaurant is built on a caldera cliff overlooking Mount Batur. This restaurant seems to be floating above the clouds when the entire caldera is covered with clean and white clouds.

Enjoy this unique atmosphere accompanied by a cup of coffee or food prepared by every restaurant in Kintamani. There are many cafes in Kintamani that serve a variety of drink and food menus that you can stop by. All present a panoramic view of the mountain with the caldera.

3. Swim in natural hot spring water.

Best Things to Do in Kintamani

If you feel tired, take the time to soak your body in one of the natural hot springs in Kintamani. This natural hot water comes out of the ground sourced from the crater of Mount Batur. So you can say sulfur water. Which is believed to be able to eliminate various skin diseases.

In addition to enjoying the fresh hot water, you can also look far into the vast expanse of Lake Batur. Because this hot spring pool is made on the edge of the lake which is combined with a panoramic view of Trunyan Hill and Mount Abang Bali.

4. Climb Mount Batur

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Climbing Mount Batur is one of the best things to do in Kintamani. Climbing activities as high as 1,717 meters above sea level with a travel time of approximately 2 hours. From the start point to the top of Mount Batur Kintamani.

Usually climbing Mount Batur is done in the early morning. Because the reason for the climbers is to see the sunrise with its ocean of clouds. This climb will not feel tiring because it is not walking in the hot sun. But the panorama that is prepared on the mountain is very luxurious and you can rarely find it anywhere else.

5. Camping Tour ( stay one night on the top of mountain )

Best Things to Do in Kintamani

besides mountain trekking you can also do camping on the mountain, near the lake or around the foot of Mount Batur. This is also the best choice if you want to feel the atmosphere of the height when you wake up in the morning.

The sunrise will wake you up in the morning making this tings to do in Kintamani more unique and memorable. Feel warmly welcomed by the warm morning sun combined with panoramic views of the lake and mountains.

6. Sunrise Jeep Tour

Best Things to Do in Kintamani
Private Mount Batur Sunrise Jeep and Volcano Tour

Sunrise Jeep and Volcano Tour is the best things to do in kintamani. and very suitable for those of you who want to enjoy the panoramic view of the sunrise on Mount Batur without having to climb. You just sit in a 4×4 car until you reach the top of Mount Batur (the sunrise point of Mount Batur).

Jeep Sunrise and Mount Batur Tour as the right choice for sunrise lovers and hunters in Bali. Many tourists choose Private Mount Batur Jeep Tour Sunrise. In addition to not needing to be tired of climbing mountains, you can also save a lot of time so that the entire list of tours can be fulfilled perfectly.

In addition, this hiking package is safe if you doubt whether it is safe or not to climb early in the morning to reach the top of the mountain on time. Note that climbing Mount Batur can take more than 2 hours. Of course, this requires careful preparation and sufficient stamina.

7. Visit Terunyan Village

Best Things to Do in Kintamani

Take a boat to cross to trunyan village. See how the funeral process for the original inhabitants is not the same as other Balinese cultures.

Trunyan village is one of the original Balinese villages that still adheres to its original culture. This is what makes local and international tourists interested in wanting to see how this process works.

This tourist spot is famous for burying the bodies of people who have died by placing them under a tree. It’s not buried but it doesn’t smell bad, isn’t it weird?

8. Trekking to Mount Abang

Mount Abang Trekking

Besides Mount Batur which has a height of 1,717 meters, in Kintamani there is also a mountain that is starting to get busy with trekkers. Besides being new and this mountain also has a height that is more than Mount Batur.

Mount Abang is located in the southeast of Mount Batur and has an altitude of 2,152 meters above sea level. It takes 3 hours to reach the top of this mountain.

The sunrise panorama in this place is not inferior to the peak of Mount Batur. Even better because you can see more clearly Mount Agung and the highest mountain in Lombok. But the time and energy you will need is longer and more.

Kintamani Location – Best Things to do in Kintamani

North Ubud – Kintamani tourist area is located in Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. The trip to Kintamani tourist attraction from Denpasar city, about 2 hours by motorbike or about 82.9 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport.

If you are from Bali airport, you have to take the Ubud route first and then take the Tegalalang route to Kintamani. Use your cellphone to open a google map to make it easier for you to reach it.

How to Get thigs to do in Kintamani

If you are interested in doing one of the activities in Kintamani that we mentioned above, you can use the transportation services in Bali.

But you need to know that there is no public transportation that can take you right where you want to visit. Unless you use a motorbike or car with your own driver.

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