Best Thing To Do In Mount Batur, You Have To try Then Feel The Vibe Of Mount Batur, what are the things that are fun and exciting?. Keep reading this article to the end.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of Mount Batur? Is an active volcano that stands majestically and is very beautiful with its caldera in the form of Lake Batur.

Or a mountain that has a beautiful view that you can see from the Kintamani plateau while enjoying a cup of Balinese coffee?

Well, as you all know, This Mount is a tourist attraction in the Kintamani area, Bangli sub-district. Which one Bangli regency is a district located in the eastern part of the island of Bali.

This mountain has a height of 1717 m above sea level.

And it is very famous for its geopark beauty. Which is a natural landscape from the remnants of a volcanic eruption that formed an ancient lake, namely Lake Batur and also the double caldera.

So that makes it one of the geotourism in Indonesia with the inclusion of Mount Batur as one of the UNESCO Global Geoparks in Indonesia.

Many tourists travel to this mount to see and admire how this volcano has a very enchanting natural beauty, even the remnants of the eruption of Mount Batur find its beauty for us to witness.

And for those of you who want to visit this mountain and are curious about what things you can do on this beautiful and beautiful volcano.

So that you can feel the charming atmosphere of the mountain, And then we will discuss one by one the interesting and best things you can do while traveling to this mount .

What are the Best Thing To Do In Mount Batur

So what things will we be able to do on this beautiful and charming mountain.

Here are the fun things you can do while traveling to this Mount , apart from enjoying the natural beauty of Mount Batur.

1. Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Private Tour - Best thing to do in mount batur

Mount batur sunrise trekking kintamani bali is something you should try to do to feel and see first hand the beauty of this charming mountain geopark.

You will see various remnants of volcanic eruptions and with plants that grow after the eruption.

Maybe you will see some flowering edelwise trees along the hiking trail.  It’s best if you don’t take edelwise flowers and just enjoy them to maintain the continuity and sustainability of the plants in the Mount Batur  object.

Apart from that, there are many things that you will be able to see while climbing Mount Batur when you are at the top of Mount Batur.

You will be able to see and witness the beautiful sunrise from the east when you make your ascent in the morning before dawn.

From the top of the mountain you will see how beautiful and beautiful the morning sun with white clouds that you can see from the height of the mountain.

Apart from that, you can also see from a distance how beautiful and majestic Mount Rinjani is in Lombok, the Indian Ocean, Mount Agung and Mount Abang.

Do you interesting to climb on this beautiful mountain?

2. Enjoy Natural Hot Spring

Best Thing To Do In Mount Batur

As you know, one of the calderas on Mount Batur is an ancient lake, namely Lake Batur, which contains quite a lot of sulfur, giving rise to several hot springs that contain sulfur.

Therefore, several natural hot springs appear located around Lake Batur.

So that many of these hot springs are visited and used for bathing by tourists who come and want to enjoy the hot springs on Lake Batur.

You can soak in several hot springs around Lake Batur while enjoying the beauty of the natural scenery around Lake Batur.

3. Save Time with Jeep Tour

Best Thing To Do In Mount Batur
Private Mount Batur Sunrise Jeep and Volcano Tour

Have you ever tried to drive a jeep along a road that shows the vast expanse of Mount Batur Geopark.

There is another excitement that you can feel when driving between lava that has frozen thousands of years ago.

You can explore by just sitting back and still enjoying the beautiful geopark views without having to climb.

Doing a jeep tour you can save time to explore the next places. Are you interested in doing a jeep tour?  Dont forget to read Private Mount Batur Sunrise Jeep and Volcano Tour . As additional articles that you need to read.

4. Ride a Quad Bike

Best Thing To Do In Mount Batur

You can try to drive a quad bike and walk along the black sand in the lava fields and explore the pine forest of Batur

Riding a quad bike while seeing the beauty of the natural panorama from the remnants of the eruption of Mount

Batur is an exciting thing that you can do besides trekking to see the beauty of Mount Batur.

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5. Setting up tents

Best Thing To Do In Mount Batur

For those of you who like camping, you should try to enjoy staying at the top of Mount Batur. and feel the atmosphere of Mount Batur at night.

With the weather and cold air typical of the mount that you can feel when camping at the top of Mount.

it’s exciting to setting up tents, camping, staying overnight with other adventurers and enjoying the night atmosphere of Mount Batur together.

While waiting for the dawn to rise from the eastern horizon the next day.

6. Cycling

Ayung Rafting Bali and Cycling Tour

If you like to ride a bicycle while enjoying the natural scenery at Mount Batur Geopark. Then you are obliged to try this exciting activity.

Pedal a bicycle and see the geopark tourist attraction and find unique and of course charming things along the geopark route. It’s exciting and fun right?.

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7. Hunting Photo

It seems there will be something missing if we don’t take or capture a moment of the tour we are doing.

And for that, those of you who visit Mount Batur will find lots of photo spots that produce beautiful, nature-themed photos with a backdrop of Lake Batur, geopark and mountains.

These are the Best Thing To Do In Batur

Here are some tips that you need to know before you travel and enjoy the beauty of Batur

Tips for visiting Mount Batur

1. Prepare For Physical And Mental Health.

You need physically and mentally fit for your trip to Batur. because this tourist attraction has a temperature and air that is quite cold even during the day.

Especially if you plan to climb mountains and go camping, you really need to know how your body and mind are. whether it will be able to adapt to the activities you do or not.

2. Looking for weather information

Before you visit you have to find information about the weather when you decide to take a trip to Mount Batur.

Make sure the weather is sunny and not rainy so you can enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Batur.

3. Bring Essential Items and supplies

If you want to travel to Batur, don’t forget to bring enough goods and supplies that you really need to save your energy during your trip to Batur.

4. Use a Local Guide to help you during your trip to Mount Batur

To make it easier for you to explore the beauty of Batur and make your travel activities safe and comfortable.

You should use the services of a local guide who knows about the ins and outs of Mount Batur.

So, those are all the things that we can summarize for you about Best Thing To Do In Mount Batur.

Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for those of you who want to know about what are the best thing that you can do in Mount Batur.

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See you again in the next article about exciting tourist spots and also hits in Bali.