Best River Tubing Bali, one of the adventure tourism activities that you can do in Bali by exploring the beautiful rivers in Bali. There are many ways that tourists can travel and enjoy the beauty of Bali.

Bali has many tourist options, one of which is adventure tourism. Such as trekking, water sport, rafting, ATV riding, river tubing and many other adventures in Bali.

And for this article we will discuss one cool activity that should not be missed. For those who like adventure. We will discuss river tubing and interesting places that can facilitate river tubing activities.

Just for your information, river tubing is a tourist activity exploring rivers using rubber tires. In principle, the activity is not much different from white water rafting.

River tubing goes along the river using one rubber tire for one participant. While white water rafting uses one rubber boat for several rafting participants.

Basically these two activities are along the river from upstream to downstream with equipment for each activity.

It’s just that if white water rafting is done in large, fast-flowing rivers with large and fast water flows and there are rocks and river rapids.

So river tubing is done in calm rivers with currents that are not too strong.

Apart from that, river tubing is easier to do, whereas white water rafting requires skill. And now river tubing has become one of the adventure tourism activities that is very popular.

With the sensation of drifting using a tire in the river, it is certainly an activity that is quite interesting and fun to do. Instead of being curious, let’s look at the complete review below about river tubing and the best places in Bali to do river tubing. And here is the list Best River Tubing Bali

List Best Place River Tubing Bali

Currently, river tubing in Bali has become one of the most popular adventure tourism activities. With the sensation of floating on a rubber tire in the river, it is certainly an exciting and challenging activity for tourists.

River tubing is a tourist activity that can be done in rivers, irrigation streams, and rivers that flow in caves with currents that are not too strong and fast.

The tools used for river tubing are rubber tires, both with handles and without handles. And it’s time for us to review cool places in Bali.

1. Gatep Lawas Buleleng

Best River Tubing Bali

Located in Banjar Pebantenan, Ambengan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency.

The Gatep Lawas Tourist Attraction in Buleleng offers beautiful natural charm with the Gayam Tree and in Bali it is better known as the Gatep tree.

A large Gayam tree hundreds of years old along with clear river water flowing under this large tree. And being at a height makes this tourist attraction an amazing spot for river tubing.

While enjoying the clear river water, you can also enjoy the beauty of Deter Tabing and the expanse of rice fields.

It is called Gatep Lawas because around the river many Gatep trees grow. And apart from that, the large Gatep tree is a sign of a gathering place for farmers in the past.

The entry ticket for tourist attractions is IDR 10 thousand for adults while IDR 5 thousand for children.

And if you want to play river tubing then you need to pay another 20 thousand. And you will also get river tubing equipment.

On the tubing ride, visitors can wade through the Subak water flow by riding a modified tire to use a surfing foundation above the water flow.

The tubing route is around 625 meters long and can be reached in around 10-15 minutes.

2. Pakerisan River

The Pakerisan River is one of the best places to do river tubing. The water source of the Pakerisan River flows from the Kintamani hills and from several springs in the Kintamani mountains.

Which are the water sources of many rivers in Bali. The Pakerisan River passes through three sub-districts, namely Tampaksiring, Blahbatuh, Gianyar.

And empties between the beach of Sangat and Cucuka beach.

For those of you who want to do river tubing on the Pakerisan River, you will pass a 4.5 km track with a travel time of 1.5 hours on the Pakerisan River.

The Pakerisan River has charming natural views. When doing river tubing activities you will cross 7 rapids in category 2.

You will also find many beautiful natural views that you can see along the Pakerisan River.

Best River Tubing Bali

The Celuk area in Gianyar Regency, Bali is not only famous as a center for silver crafts at the moment.

Wos River Tubing Adventure provide beautiful natural panoramas, this village offers an exciting adventure through river tubing. Namely along the Wos River on a tube.

Tourists will explore the flow of the Wos River which originates from the Gunung Lebah Ubud river. With the curved river flow, tourists will see the natural beauty of Celuk village from another angle,

When playing river tubing, you will see a beautiful stretch of rice fields in Celuk village. And the water tourism in Celuk Village is called Celuk Asasuka Village Water Tourism.

And for those of you who travel to Celuk village, you won’t just admire the silver crafts. But you can try enjoying the water tourism in this village.

4. Cave Tubing Ubud

Best River Tubing in Bali

Located in the Tegalalang area of Ubud, this place is the only river with cave tubing which was created during the Japanese colonial era and is an amazing relic today.

During the river tubing activity, you will see extraordinary views of the wilderness and then pass through a cave in a beautiful river hidden in a secret canyon.

You can find many things along the river flow, such as various wild flower plants and enjoy a very beautiful rural atmosphere.

5. Bendungan Yeh Aya Ulu

Yeh Aya Hulu Dam is an ordinary irrigation dam located in a rice field area in Jatiluwih Village, Tabanan. Playing river tubing at this dam, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the terraced Jati Luwih rice fields and see the view of Mount Batukaru to the north. You can follow the 1 kilometer long irrigation river while seeing amazing views.

Tips for Playing River Tubing

The following are some tips that you need to pay attention to when playing river tubing.
1, Choose a river tubing location that suits what you want

2, Use safety equipment properly
So wear safety equipment to prevent unwanted things properly and correctly, such as a life jacket, helmet, knee protectors and elbow protectors.

3, Wear comfortable clothes that will not interfere with your River Tubing activities

4, use sunblock to prevent your skin from being exposed to excess sunlight.

5, Store valuables properly, for example in the locked counter provided

6, Follow the guide’s instructions in the river tubing activity.

River Tubing equipment

The following is some river tubing equipment that you will usually encounter when playing river tubing

1, Mountain sandals or rubber shoes
Functions as a foot protector during river tubing activities, so use footwear made of rubber that can protect your feet well.

2, Tires with Webing
Functions to protect the lower part of the body when passing through rapids containing rocks. and also protects the body from the right and left sides.

3, Body Protector
Body protectors are mandatory safety equipment, such as helmets for the head, elbow and arm protectors, knee and shin protectors.

4, Special Buoy
There are special buoys made of thick foam with an outer material, namely cloth that doesn’t tear easily so you stay safe when you fall or hit rocks.

Benefits of River Tubing

It turns out that playing river tubing is not just recreation, there are many good benefits that you can get when playing river tubing.

1, A means of relaxation
River tubing, as you know, river tubing is an outdoor activity carried out in the open so that you can interact directly with nature which can relax your mind for a moment from your daily routine.

2, exercise
Doing river tubing without you realizing it, you are also exercising, where this activity improves your cardiovascular system
and at the same time train the muscle strength of the arms, shoulders and chest.

3, Spur adrenaline
River tubing is a form of recreation that combines sport and adventure, so this can boost your adrenaline.

So, those are all the things that we can summarize for you about Best River Tubing Bali

Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for those of you who want to know about Best River Tubing Bali.

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