ATV Quad Bike Ride

ATV Quad Bike Ride – Exploring Bali’s Rural Nature in a Unique Way. As one of the tourist islands in Indonesia, it is famous for its culture, beautiful nature and warm and cool tropical atmosphere.

There are many beautiful and fun things you can do, not just sunbathing on the beach, swimming or watching the beach sunset with its waves crashing. Try this unique way to explore every corner of Bali with a Quad Bike Ride.

So what experience can you expect with Quad Bike Ride? And where can we rent quad bikes? Let’s look at the review in the article I wrote, complete with the location and prices offered;

Fun ATV Quad Bike Ride in Bali

Why is quad biking an exciting holiday choice in Bali? Riding this four-wheeled vehicle is truly exciting; You can tour the Balinese countryside to the beach area. Going on an adventure and exploring every adrenaline-pumping terrain will make your holiday enjoyable.

Not only that, you can also do the ATV quad bike ride alone or with a partner or friend. So you can explore every place with beautiful spots on the ATV Quad Bike track with the people you love.

Travel on the sandy path along the beach, then you can adventure on rocky forest paths, muddy roads, and even crossing small rivers. Activities like this will be more fun with your partner or with friends.

Playing outdoors can benefit your body. If you are used to an office workload that requires you to sit all day in front of a computer, you will most likely feel bored and possibly stressed. Therefore, you need to try taking a walk to see the stunning views of Bali, to release all the workload that is within you.

Moreover, this activity is also healthy. Even when riding a quad bike, your body will continue to move, your arms will try to support your body weight when cycling and turning. If you experience sleep disorders such as insomnia, riding an ATV can be an alternative to tire your body and help you fall asleep faster.

Recommended ATV Quad Bike Ride

Join us and enjoy unforgettable memories while exploring Bali on ATV Quad Bike ride. For those who love fun ATV Ride, We provide a few choice to experience our ATV Quad Bike Tour in Bali, below the options :

1. Balaji Quad Bike Adventure – 8km Real Jungle ATV Ride

ATV Quad Bike Ride

Balaji Quad Bike Adventure is longest Jungle ATV trek in Bali. Located in the remote area of Ubud, Gianyar Regency. It’s 30 minutes from Ubud, We are offer great experience into the wild nature of Bali.

Take you to an amazing experience riding on all-terrain vehicles (quad bike) with long and challenging track along the rice fields, jungle, rivers, and natural Bali traditional village that are not monotone. It’s safe and suitable for beginner and professional.

This trek will make your day more impressive experience to try the Bali ATV ride is treat and test your courage and adrenaline in the four Quad bikes whist enjoying the panorama of the countryside of Bali, accompanied by professional local guide, tour passed through rice paddy, villages, plantation, jungle and river and playing Muddy.

Balaji Quad Bike Adventure Price

Publish PriceIDR. 1.200K/ paxIDR. 1.600K/ 2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 550K/ paxIDR. 850K/ 2 paxs
Balaji Quad Bike Adventure Special Offers

2. Jambe ATV Adventure – ATV Waterfall & Barong Cave

ATV Quad Bike Through Waterfall & Barong Cave

Jambe ATV is unique ATV track through waterfall & barong cave. Riding an ATV Quad Bike in local villages, and interacting with local villages. Then down the river to find waterfalls and ditches, rice fields and mud. After that pass in the middle of the cliff then enter the tunnel.

You can get all of this at Jambe ATV Adventure at a low price because it still applies a promo rate until now. In addition to a cool track, the facilities provided are also quite complete.

Starting from safety equipment, showers and changing rooms, parking, lunch and insurance. So what are you waiting for, buddy, try this cheap ATV track and spot in Bali.

Jambe ATV Through waterfall & barong cave Price

Publish PriceIDR. 1.200K/ paxIDR. 1.600K/ 2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 550K/ paxIDR. 850K/ 2 paxs
Jambe ATV Quad Bike Special Offers

2. Kuber ATV Bali – ATV Waterfall & Long Tunnel

ATV Quad Bike Ride – Exploring Bali’s Rural Nature in a Unique Way

Kuber Bali Adventure is one of the best Bali ATV Ride Tour Ubud. Enjoy panoramic views of the Balinese countryside, accompanied by a professional local guide, tour through rice fields, Long Tunnel, villages, plantations, waterfalls, forests and rivers.

Our friendly driver will first pick you up at your hotel showing you your reservation and then drive straight to Ubud village for a Bali ATV ride in Ubud.

Professional instructors will provide instructions on how to ride an ATV, use of travel equipment, safety standards and the Bali ATV ride. The Bali ATV Ride trip takes around 2 hours passing through the beauty of green nature, waterfalls, rivers, forests, rice fields.

Kuber ATV Through waterfall & Long Tunnel Price

Publish PriceIDR. 1.400K/ paxIDR. 1.800K/ 2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 750K/ paxIDR. 1.000K/ 2 paxs
Kuber ATV Quad Bike Special Offers

The Best and Affordable ATV Tour in Ubud

Are you interested in an adventure by riding a quad bike in Ubud? We recommend the 4 best atv quad bikes with cheap ATVs in Bali. If you like adventure, nature tourism and driving, we are the right choice to satisfy your holiday according to your interests.

We offer various best ATV packages for you. We will take you to explore dense forest areas, cool Ubud beaches, clear river areas, and unique villages.

We are committed to making your holiday satisfying and an unforgettable experience. This dedication is for you and Bali as an island paradise. For more detailed information about our various Bali tour package, you can order the best holiday package for you.