Agung Show Bali Safari Marine Park – Ticket Prices and Attractions. Want to know about activities or shows at the Bali safari marine park? There is a very luxurious show that is served to park visitors every day. So Bali Safari provides many educational shows that you can enjoy during your vacation to the biggest zoo in Bali.

Agung Show is an amazing colossal theater in Bali Safari Marine Park. If you are curious about what this luxury show will look like, you can visit the Bali safari park with a performance at the Bali theater building. But it’s good to know the ticket price for the Bali Agung show and the schedule in advance. Let’s check the price and schedule

Agung Show Bali Safari

Before we continue discussing the latest ticket prices and show schedules that we can take, I will explain what Agung Show Bali safari is. Agung Show is a spectacular cultural show featuring more than 150 Balinese dancers and musicians. The show is a blend of traditional and modern theater arts.

Bali Agung presents a timeless journey through magical theater performances that highlight the rich culture and traditions of Bali. It tells the tragic and heroic legend of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved Chinese wife, Kang ChingWie.

Located in the Bali Theater Building which is located in the Bali Safari Park area with a building that has a stage measuring 80 x 40 m. In addition, a building with a seating capacity of about 1200 seats is equipped with a medium and high standard sound and light system.

This show showcases various sides of life and the beauty of the Island of the Gods Bali involving local dancers and involving live animals! Extraordinary… !!!

Bali Agung Show Schedule at Bali Safari Marine Park

Usually this show is held every Tuesday – Sunday at 14.30 – 15.30 WITA. But for the New Normal after close in 2 years, this show has been opened according the visitor limit. In addition to the agung show, in Bali Safari there are various shows involving animals that have trained intelligence. Like Animal show, Elephant Show, Tiger Show, all of these shows have their own schedule.

Bali Agung Show Ticket Prices

If you buy a show ticket, it’s a good idea to take the Bali Safari Packages, because apart from the great show, you also have other activities that are provided for free

Safari Packages Ticket Prices start from 650k/person with activity you will get

  • 1x Safari journey
  • 1x Freshwater Aquarium
  • Animal show* (10.30 & 16.00 WITA)
  • Tiger Show* (11:15 am)
  • Elephant show* (12.00 & 16.30 WITA)
  • Bali Agung Show theater (silver seat)* performance schedule every Tuesday – Sunday (14.30 – 15.30 WITA). Monday there is no Bali Agung Show
  • 1x Fun zone ride
  • Great Attraction Show
Agung Show Bali Safari Marine Park – Ticket Prices and Attractions

Agung Show Highlights

An amazing show at Bali Safari which takes the story of Ancient Bali, 900 years ago. This colossal theater tells the legend of the marriage of a Balinese king and a Chinese princess. With the power of visuals, exhibiting theater arts to the fullest.

Talented dancers, exotic animals, unique puppets, lively costumes and sophisticated sound systems and lighting with a multimedia stage and modern large-capacity theater with classical stage designs, we as the audience will be transported to that era.

The beauty of the island of Bali and the life of the people who worked hard at that time you can see here. Where all the wildlife can pass freely in the jungles of Bali. Meanwhile, the children played traditional games and the market was busy with buying and selling transactions, which they all did with smiles and laughter.

You can also see a parade of 10 elephants (the King of Bali also sits on it), a river that is made to look like the original complete with traditional boats and puppeteers selling stories and exotic animals such as tigers, deer and tropical birds that enliven the show. this.

This is the first and only one in Bali, which showcases all creativity and visual power to its audience. So it is not wrong if the Bali Agung Show won the Indonesia Leading Tourism Show 2015/2016 award.