5 things to know before Mount Batur Trekking Bali. Mount Batur is the second highest mountain in Bali, located in the Bangli region, Bali – Indonesia. From year to year, Mount Batur has always been the best choice for hikers. From the top of Mount Batur you can watch the beautiful and stunning sunrise on the nearest volcano, Gunung Agung and Mount Abang.

To enjoy the amazing sunrise, you have to prepare yourself to get up early for the best trip to Mount Batur. Walk in the dark under the trees to the top of Mount Batur. At the peak you will be treated to a stunning sunrise.

Here are 5 things you need to know before Mount Batur Trekking

5 things to know before Mount Batur Trekking Bali

1) How hard is Trekking of Mount Batur Bali?

This is the main question by hikers, the important thing to know is how hard is it going up? If you are active every day and have a decent level of cardio, you certainly will not find difficulties in this situation.

For some people, climbing Mount Batur is about two hours. But if you take less time to rest, the climb will be faster. And you need to know that is hiking a volcano with a height of 1,717 meters, or 5,633 feet above sea level.

How about beginner climbers? For beginners and have a fix condition certainly will not experience difficulties. Because in the trekking has provided 2 resting places before reaching the peak sunrise points. We are sure you can do that easily.

2) What to wear to Mount Batur Trekking Bali ?

The temperature and climate on Mount Batur at night is very cold, around 18 degrees Celsius. Of course, also changes throughout the increase. For this reason, I recommend bringing a sweater or hoodie for cooler times in climbing.

Cold weather will occur at the beginning of the climb and at the summit. As long as the hike itself is possible you will take this off. And use comfortable clothes and clothes that you normally use for sports.

3) What should you bring and do you need for trekking?

Bring a backpack and bring your waterproof equipment, extra water, and some snacks, pole, headlight and Camera. If you use the services of a trekking guide, usually all climbing needs are provided. Your guide will give you a headlight or flashlight when trekking.

In addition, your guide will give you 1 bottle of mineral water, but I think it’s better to have extra too. At the top, your guide will give you some snacks, such as van cake, milk, tea or coffee and some simple boiled eggs.

4) Camera

This might be one of the most awesome experiences for you. Therefore carrying a camera, gopro or camera phone is very important. Because the sun rises on the top of Mount Batur is truly amazing. Don’t skip it!

5) The best and simplest way to climb Mount Batur

For those of you who want to find the best, simplest and cheapest way to Mount Batur trekking Bali, maybe you can follow this. Book a climb with a local company that offers Mt. Batur trekking service at around Rp. 700,000 per person.

This price includes everything. Including pickup and delivery from Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Legian, Canggu, Ubud. In addition, a coffee break before trekking, local trekking guides, water, flashlights, simple breakfast at the peak.

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Whats do you need to prepare

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Private Tour

After read above information, here is thing to need prepare before doing Mount Batur Trekking Bali. Every hikers that do mount Batur trekking must dream to get the best experience. To make this able to be remembered, be sure you’ve arrange your trip.

Here are things you should prepare before do mount Batur trekking especially for sunrise trekking tour. This a global guide. You may need more or less.

Flash Light

If you choose dark time for trekking, be sure to bring flash light. Also prepare the batteries and extra flash light only to prepare if the main flashlight die. The flashlight will help you to see the path clearly.

Mount Batur has flat and steep path. Prepare yourself to beat them with flashlight. Flashlight also able to use as the dangerous sign. Arrange flash light to the sky.

Safe And Comfort Shoes

Some people love to hike with sandals, or without any foot cover. If they’re already get use to it, that’s okey. But junior hikers must cover their feet with appropriate shoes.

This will help them keep the body’s heat. Shoes also protects feet from grash, rocks, and cold weather, too. Shoes with good sole will help hikers in slippery path. Light weight shoes will help hikers walk with less energy. They can save energy, so that can be use for other activity.


Batur located in highland. Usually the weather is cold. Prepare jacket that can cover your body. This will help to keep the body’s heat. Have adventure jacket that can protect you from cold and water. These kind of jacket made from fabric that resists to water. This will be very helpfull when you trakking in rainy season. But for preparation, have raincoat, too.

Some jackets has head cover. Use this to close your ears from wind and cold air. If your jacket don’t have it, use ears or head cover.

Trekking jacket shoul protect body, keep you warm, and have no affect to the move. Be sure to have jacket that can make you feel free to do your activity. This must be prepared in case the weather or temperature in mount Batur is cold.

Water And Food

It’s not easy to find water in mountain. Prepare enough water to suply your body’s need, but don’t need to bring too much. Too much water in your bag will make it heavy. This will take your energy.
1-2 liters for every person is enough, except you very love to drink water. Try to bring only drinking water, not tea, coffee, or others.

To help your body suplying energy, bring snacks that contain high level carbohidrate. It helpfull for energy suply. You can bring bread, cookies, or other energy food.

Documentation Equipments

In this digital world, documentation take big part. Especially when you visit special place. Come to mount Batur will become a longterm memory if you have the documentation.

Bring good camera to make you get the best picture. The view from mount Batur summit is so beautiful. Make it immortal by photos.

There are a lot of object to memorize, such as the kaldera, the lake, the sky, the mount Abang, the village, the plants, the rocks, and many more.

You can make video that can make you trusted more. If you can’t bring cameraman, use a stick that design for this activity.

Mount Batur trekking will help you to get new good memory. The photos will remind you the rocky path, the slipery part, the rocks, the plants, the lake, the caldera, and many more. Be sure to prepare everything before you choose to do mount Batur trekking. Even new hiker able to reach mount Batur’s summit. Just prepare yourself for any surprise.