Wos River Tubing Adventure – Tubing Tour through Waterfall and Canyon is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Ubud’s nature surrounded by greenery and enchanting landscapes. The wos tubing experience brings tranquility and unparalleled natural beauty.

The Celuk area in Gianyar Regency, Bali is not only famous as a center for silver crafts at the moment. Wos River Tubing Adventure provide beautiful natural panoramas, this village offers an exciting adventure through river tubing. Namely along the Wos River on a tube.

Tourists will explore the flow of the Wos River which originates from the Gunung Lebah Ubud river. With the curved river flow, tourists will see the natural beauty of Celuk village from another angle,

When playing river tubing, you will see a beautiful stretch of rice fields in Celuk village. And the water tourism in Celuk Village is called Celuk Asasuka Village Water Tourism. And for those of you who travel to Celuk village, you won’t just admire the silver crafts. But you can try enjoying the water tourism in this village.

Wos River Tubing Adventure highlights

Wos River Tubing Adventure

Wos River Tubing Ubud is the provider of the longest river tubing with waterfalls and hidden canyons in Bali. You won’t find this song anywhere else. Let the soothing waters take you on an unforgettable journey to the end. Enjoy the best natural beauty around you.

1. Adventure Unleashed

The fun begins as you approach the starting point of the Wos River Tubing Tour. This activity is very safe, because it is equipped with the best safety equipment and experienced river tubing guides. When you go down to the river where the water is still clear, your adrenaline will be pumped and your heart will beat fast.

An adventure along the Wos River will provide an exciting journey filled with twists and turns, hidden waterfalls, caves, and the occasional splash. This will ensure an unforgettable beautiful trip in Bali.

2. Tranquility of Nature

In the midst of the natural charm of the countryside, River Tubing Sungai Wos will invite you to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Lush greenery, charming landscaping and tranquil ambiance will provide the perfect setting to escape and rejuvenate your senses. Float along the gentle current of the river, immersing yourself in the serenity of nature’s embrace.

3. New Experience in Bali

Wos River Tubing Tour promises a new dimension to your holiday in Bali. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a nature lover, this tubing experience is for everyone.

Enjoy a balance of thrill and serenity as you sail down a winding river, surrounded by the pristine natural beauty of Bali.

Wos River Tubing Included

  • Safety equipment helmet, life jacket.
  • Tubing Guides trained in white water river activity.
  • River Tubing adventure for 90 minutes
  • Clean Towel
  • Shower and toiletries at the finishing point.
  • Lunch ( fried rice or nuddle )
  • Insurance

Tubing Price

Description Price
Publish Price 950.000/ pax
Special Offers 450.000/ pax

Special Offers

Wos River Tubing ( without hotel transfers )

Online Ticket, Term and Condition

  • Above Price only for Online Payment
  • Must Book 1 days before Advance
  • Free Cancellation up to 1 days in Advance
  • Free Reschedule – Please info Us 1 day info
  • We will send an voucher email that contains the link to resend voucher to your email address
  • Please show your BOOKING VOUCHER when you arrive in location.
  • Payment settle on Booking by visa/master card with secure payment

Cancellation Policy

If you have purchased Kuber Bali Adventure ticket and want to Cancel OR Reschedule . We will refund your payment under the following conditions

  1. Free cancellation, if you want to cancel the booking up to 2 days in advance the activity date ( Tax refunds money will be charged according your bank policy )
  2. Cancellation on the day on arrival will be charged 100% of the total price of the booking.
  3. No-Show Fee of 100% from TOTAL Tour Price will be charged if it is not present on the confirmed date.
  4. Reschedule the date of ticket have to info Us one day ( 24 hours ) before
  5. For Refund and Reschedule please contact us via WhatsApp +6281236194398 and Email : thebalipackage@gmail.com

Tips for Playing River Tubing

  1. The following are some tips that you need to pay attention to when playing river tubing.
  2. Use safety equipment properly. So wear safety equipment to prevent unwanted things properly and correctly, such as a life jacket, helmet, knee protectors and elbow protectors
  3. Wear comfortable clothes that will not interfere with your River Tubing activities
  4. use sunblock to prevent your skin from being exposed to excess sunlight.
  5. Store valuables properly, for example in the locked counter provided
  6. Follow the guide’s instructions in the river tubing activity.

River Tubing equipment

The following is some river tubing equipment that you will usually encounter when playing river tubing

  1. Mountain sandals or rubber shoes – Functions as a foot protector during river tubing activities, so use footwear made of rubber that can protect your feet well.
  2. Tires with Webing – Functions to protect the lower part of the body when passing through rapids containing rocks. and also protects the body from the right and left sides.
  3. Body Protector – Body protectors are mandatory safety equipment, such as helmets for the head, elbow and arm protectors, knee and shin protectors.
  4. Special Buoy – There are special buoys made of thick foam with an outer material, namely cloth that doesn’t tear easily so you stay safe when you fall or hit rocks.

Benefits of Wos River Tubing

It turns out that playing river tubing is not just recreation, there are many good benefits that you can get when playing river tubing.

A means of relaxation

River tubing, as you know, river tubing is an outdoor activity carried out in the open so that you can interact directly with nature which can relax your mind for a moment from your daily routine.


Doing river tubing without you realizing it, you are also exercising, where this activity improves your cardiovascular system
and at the same time train the muscle strength of the arms, shoulders and chest.

Spur adrenaline

River tubing is a form of recreation that combines sport and adventure, so this can boost your adrenaline.