Tour to Nusa Penida from the Outskirts to Sea Diving. Traveling to Bali cannot be separated from the expanse of beaches and beautiful scenery. This is because the landscape of the Island of the Gods is synonymous with vast oceans and charming natural attractions. One of them is a tour to Nusa Penida.

Located in Klungkung district, Nusa Penida offers a variety of interesting places. Ticket prices are affordable, you only need to prepare an additional 150 thousand Rupiah – 200 thousand Rupiah to cross to Nusa Penida from Sanur.

Recommended Tour to Nusa Penida are Exciting and Romantic

Nusa Penida does attract local and foreign tourists because of its natural beauty. Various tourist treats are also presented to add to the attractiveness and beautiful memories after visiting it. Here are some tours that can be visited in Nusa Penida.

1. Atuh Beach, Pejukutan, Nusa Penida

Tour to Nusa Penida from the Outskirts to Sea Diving

Watching the sunrise and feeling its movement with full warmth is highly recommended at Atuh Beach. Come at 5.30 am to meet the sunrise typical of this tour to Nusa Penida.

The stretch of white sand and rock cliffs like a small island will spoil your eyes. You can definitely get aesthetic photos at Atuh Beach. The expanse of the ocean is a little choppy, but still safe for diving and swimming.

This beach accommodation which is open 24 hours in Nusa Penida is also complete. The entry ticket is cheap, 10 thousand rupiah per person. Bathing facilities and a place to eat are available at Atuh Beach which adds to the convenience.

2. Diamond Beach, Pejukutan

Tour to Nusa Penida from the Outskirts to Sea Diving

One ticket can get two destinations on Nusa Penida, of course it’s more profitable, right? This is Diamond Beach, where you don’t need to pay for an entry ticket when you enter from Atuh Beach. However, the accommodation is not like the white sand beach.

Diamond Beach is suitable for visiting tourists who like to travel to Nusa Penida with pristine beaches that are very natural. Arriving there, there are steps made of stone with wooden safety and a mine on the outside.

The stretch of white sandy beach blends warmly with the ocean and clear blue sky. Apart from that, you can see karst cliffs shaped like diamonds from the top of the stairs. Perfect for taking photos from the steps of Diamond Beach.

3. Kelingking Beach, Bunga Mekar

Tour to Nusa Penida from the Outskirts to Sea Diving

Enjoying the beach while tracking can of course be done as the main activity of Kelingking Beach which is located in Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida. The tourists agree that the beach, which is nicknamed the T-Rex, is the most favorite tour.

This location, which has cliffs with steps along the way, makes visitors have to be careful. You can determine the aesthetic view in taking pictures, but still pay attention to safety, because all the steps are made of rocks.

This tour to Nusa Penida shows a hill shaped like a T-Rex’s back. Also be careful when going down and climbing the Kelingking Beach steps. This is because the guards on the left and right are made of wood.

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If you want to travel to Kelingking Beach, pay attention to the opening hours, which are 8 am to 7 pm WITA. The entrance ticket to enjoy the natural treats that combine with the waves from the T-Rex’s back is only 5 thousand rupiahs per person.

4. Angel’s Billabong, Ped

Tour to Nusa Penida from the Outskirts to Sea Diving

If you are looking for free tours in Nusa Penida, then Angel’s Billabong is the right choice. Visitors only need to pay a vehicle or fastboat parking fee if they want to enjoy the water play facilities in it.

The uniqueness of Angel’s Billabong lies in the position of the river mouth which is directly adjacent to the beach. At the mouth of this last river, visitors can enjoy the clear water by swimming and watching the waves crashing.

The waves will be seen occasionally hitting the Angel’s Billabong river water pool during high tide. A trip to Nusa Penida is incomplete if you don’t visit this place, because the water is clear and the corals beneath are clearly visible.

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The natural scenery from the Toya Pakeh – Ped Highway cannot be found anywhere else. Opening time is also limited, every day from 6 am to 5 pm WITA. Are you ready to swim between the two beautiful coral hills in Nusa Penida?

Careful! Obey the Rules When Tour to Nusa Penida

Did you know that the expanse of green grass and the crashing of the waves that add to the serenity, once had a dark past? However, all of that is just a part of history that needs to be respected.

Rules at the Nusa Penida Sanctuaries

Apart from its beautiful beaches and natural attractions, Nusa Penida is also not spared from holy places. Usually if you come with a tour group, they will stop by this holy place. Then, it is necessary to know the rules in this holy place.

You are not allowed to enter the sacred place of Nusa Penida when you are menstruating or giving birth. In addition, if there is a family member who recently died, they are also prohibited from entering the temple. Also pay attention when speaking, it is forbidden to use harsh or dirty words there.

Don’t step on the offerings even on the sidewalks of Nusa Penida

Travel to Nusa Penida must be synonymous with thick Hinduism. So that on the streets, in front of houses and shops, even on the sidewalks, offerings are often found. Do not accidentally step on or damage the offerings.

Even if tourists accidentally step on it, immediately apologize to the owner of the offering. As for the belief that if you step on it and don’t apologize, disaster may arise in the life of the perpetrator who stepped on the offering.

Of course you can’t know who owns the offerings, so there is a way you can do that is to say all the confessions in your heart. Immediately apologize so that nothing bad happens as a result of stepping on the offerings.

Observe Ethics When Asking Questions or Pointing the Way

Every corner of Bali, including tours to Nusa Penida, needs to pay attention to ethics when asking or pointing the way. This rule is related to customs, for example, when you want to ask a question, use polite language in a gentle tone.

If you are in a vehicle, then get off first and then ask the person you met on the Nusa Penida road. If you are wearing a helmet and want to ask a question, it is advisable to get off and remove the helmet before asking.

Furthermore, when pointing, even if you are born with the habit of using your left hand (left-handed), try to use your right hand. This is because Nusa Penida upholds ethics in its society which needs to be followed.

Get to know the Sacred Places in Nusa Penida

The Hindu religion that is thick in Nusa Penida also really needs to pay attention to the sacred places that are encountered on the road. There is a temple building or a place to place offerings, such as canang and others that are considered sacred by the local community.

Apart from that, a sacred place can also be a piece of wood or a stone covered with cloth. Make sure not to urinate anywhere in a holy and sacred place. Moreover, committing despicable acts in such a sacred place.

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Appreciate, respect and obey every rule that applies when tour to Nusa Penida. Even though they have different beliefs, as newcomers, they must comply with every rule so that traveling is safer and more comfortable in Bali.