Tibumana Waterfall Bali is one of the charming waterfall tourist attractions in Bali. Namely in Bangli Regency. If you have ever visited the Penglipuran tourist village. Kintamani plateau. And Trunyan Traditional Village. So you have already visited Bangli Regency.

Bangli Regency is a district in the middle of the island of Bali and is the only district that does not have a sea. As you know, the island of Bali is surrounding by the sea.

Even though it doesn’t have the sea as a tourist attraction that can be visit like other districts in Bali. Bangli Regency has such beautiful natural beauty, and yes, indeed all the districts in Bali have beautiful natural panoramas and their own uniqueness.

And the beauty of Bangli Regency that you need to visit and add to your visit list is the Tibunama waterfall.

One of the beautiful waterfalls in Bangli district. This waterfall is a waterfall that has a height of 20 meters and is often called a twin waterfall because there are two waterfalls in one location.

Access to this waterfall location is not as difficult as other waterfalls you may have visit.

To reach the Tibumana Waterfall, you have to trek down the stairs. and along the trekking you will see beautiful cliff views.

And still in an area around the Tibumana waterfall area there is a sacred area. Namely Tukad campuhan which is used by indigenous people for purification or Melukat.

With well-organized access, expanse of rice fields. And beautiful natural panoramas are the charm of the beauty of Tibumana Waterfall tourism.

There is a wooden bridge that you have to cross to cross a river that will take you to Tibumana Waterfall. The bridge is also very cool, it can be a selfie spot too.

And I often say that the river is a sign that tracking to the main location is not far away. What is the beauty of this waterfall? This article will discuss Tibumana Waterfall and the interesting things you can find when traveling to Tibumana Waterfall Bali.

The Beauty of Tibumana Waterfall Bali

Tibumana Waterfall Ubud

The following are the charms that you will feel and get when traveling to Tibumana waterfall

1. The charm of the Tibumana Twin Waterfalls.

It has a height of around 20 meters with clear water and a large water discharge.

Tibumana Waterfall is namely a twin waterfall because there are two waterfalls side by side in the main location.
Where another waterfall will appear next to the main waterfall when the flow of the main waterfall is so large, it presents two waterfalls side by side

2. Clear natural pool

Under the flow of the waterfall, a wide and deep natural pool is formed. The unique thing about this pool is that even though the flow of the waterfall is heavy, this pool remains clear so that the bottom of the pool is still visible well.

3. Natural cave with its myths

There is a cave next to the main waterfall, The cave is believed to be a path to the Goa Raja Temple in Besakih.
Until now, no one has dared to enter the cave.

And even so, we still have to respect what has been there for generations, therefore, if you visit Tibumana Waterfall, don’t try to enter the cave.

4. The Enchantment of the Natural Beauty of the Environment

We can see the beauty of the natural panorama of the Tibumana Waterfall tourist attraction. From the moment we are in front of the entrance gate to this waterfall object.

So, although trekking is tiring, it is paid off with beautiful natural views. Even the atmosphere of the Tibumana waterfall tourist attraction is really calming and peaceful

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Location and Address of Tibumana Waterfall

The location of the Tibumana Waterfall tourist attraction is in Banjar Bangun Lemah Kawan, Apuan Village, Susut District, Bangli Regency, Bali Province.

Entrance Ticket Prices

To visit this waterfall visitor must to pay ticket. The entrance ticket price for Tibumana Waterfall is Domestic Ticket IDR. 15,000 per person. And Overseas Ticket Price idr 25K/ person

Beside entrance ticket, you have to pay motorbike parking fee of Rp. 5,000 per unit, and car parking is IDR. 10,000 per unit.

Tibumana Waterfall Operational Hours

To visit this waterfall tourist attraction, you can visit at any time, because this tourist attraction is open every day from 6 am to 6 pm.

The facilities around the waterfall area include parking, stalls selling food and drinks, and a gazebo.

Tips for Visiting Tibumana Waterfall

The following are some tips that you can follow when visiting the Tibumana Waterfall tourist attraction

  1. Make sure you are in good health when traveling to an outdoor tourist attraction such as the Tibumana Waterfall tourist attraction.
  2. Make sure the weather conditions are sunny and not the rainy season.
  3. Always comply with the regulations that apply at a Tibumana Waterfall tourist attraction.
  4. Always wear comfortable clothing and footwear for you to walk and explore the waterfall tourist attraction.

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Interesting activities Tourist Attraction

There are actually many interesting things you can do when traveling to an outdoor tourist attraction that has beautiful views, such as the Tibumana waterfall.

For you to know, swimming is prohibited in the main pool of Tibumana waterfall, however you can play in the water on the edge of the pool and do other exciting activities against the backdrop of the beauty of Tibumana waterfall.

There are interesting things you can do at this tourist attraction, such as:

1. Exploring the beauty of the Nature

You can explore the beauty of the Tibumana waterfall with its beautiful rocky cliffs.

See the rocks along the river which look colorful from above the clear water surface.

And see how shady and lush the typical tropical plants are in the tourist attraction area.

2. Photo Hunting

Hunting for photos at the Tibumana waterfall tourist location will produce amazing photos with waterfall backgrounds and typical tropical plants that make your photos so beautiful, there are many photo spots that you can get by traveling to Tibumana waterfall.

That’s a brief review of Tibumana Waterfall Bali, which is one of the waterfalls in Bangli Regency.

Hopefully this article can help you find out about Tibumana Waterfall Bali.

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See you again in the next article about exciting tourist spots and also hits in Bali.