Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach Karangasem One of the charming coastal beaches in the Manggis Karangsem district. Karangasem Regency is a district at the eastern tip of Bali Island. And it has very varied topography, in the form of plains, hills, mountains (including Mount Agung). And has a beach with a length of 87 km.

The boundary of the easternmost district of the island of Bali is.  That in the north it borders the Java Sea. In the south it borders the Indonesian Ocean. And in the west it borders the districts of Klungkung, Bangli, Buleleng.

Having very varied topography and a fairly long coastline. It is not surprising that this district has a number of natural tourist attractions that have beautiful natural panoramas. One of them is the beaches along the coastline of Karangasem district.

The beautiful beaches in Karangasem district generally offer white sandy beaches with blue seas facing the ocean and have views of beautiful cliffs.

In fact, some beaches are located behind hills so it is not uncommon for us to have to make a little effort to reach the coast.

However, all efforts will be paid off by the beauty and beauty of these beaches.

And one more thing that makes the beaches in this district so beautiful is that they are not only beautiful on the coast, but we can find their beauty in the depths of the sea.

Yes, apart from enjoying the beauty of the coast. Enjoying the beauty of the underwater world in the waters of Karangasem district is one thing that we should not just pass by.

And one of the beaches that we will discuss this time is Nyuh Gading Mendira beach, a beach on the coast of Manggis sub-district. So, if you have ever visited Bias Tugel beach. Candi Dasa beach. Pasir Putih Beach and Padang Bai Beach.

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So the presence of Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach karangasem adds to the long row of beautiful beaches in the Manggis sub-district.

The tourist attraction of Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach

Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach Karangasem

The tourist attraction of Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach is the sea water which is very clear and crystal clear. Which makes it easy for you to see the side below sea level. So it is not surprising that this beach is suitable for snorkeling.

Apart from that, the natural panorama with views of mountains and hills looks very clear and beautiful from this coast. It has a grassland under the Nyuh Gading tree. The Nyuh Gading tree in Indonesian means ivory Coconut.

The gentle breeze, see traditional boats docked, clear sea water, green mountains are the best things you can enjoy on this beach.

Here are some fun activities that you can do at the Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach

1. Picnic

Picnicing on this beach apart from pampering your eyes with the beauty of the natural panorama of the coast. This will indirectly have a good impact on your health. feel the warmth of the morning sun and the sound of the waves with sea birds. Can make the body feel completely relaxed, releasing all your fatigue.

You can spread out a mat under a coconut tree while enjoying the food and drinks you brought.

2. Sunbathing

Sunbathing on the beach in the morning is a good thing to harvest vitamin D naturally because the morning sun is very good for your skin, especially on this Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach Karangasem which has white sand and has a really beautiful atmosphere and pollution-free air, so sunbathing becomes a thing. Which is quite exciting.

3. Take a Picture

Vlogging and documenting photos around the beach into beautiful memories is something that must be done, especially when we visit a tourist attraction. And what’s more, in this day and age, with advances in technology, vlogging is a common thing that should not be missed.

You can immortalize various beautiful moments as well as interesting photo spots on this beach.

4. Snorkling

With clear and crystal clear sea water same like Gili Island, this beach is one of the best snorkeling spots. Moreover, it is close to Candi Dasa beach. So it is not surprising that this beach has such beautiful underwater life.

Snorkeling is something you can do while on this beach and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and marine animals.

Location of Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach

Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach is located in Sengkidu Village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency, Bali.

The best time to come to the beach if you like photography is in the morning to get good pictures, however, arriving in the morning, afternoon or evening will not reduce the beauty of this beach.

Tourist attractions close to the beach

After you are satisfied playing on this beautiful beach. As for tourist attractions that are close to this Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach, such as:

1. Asah Hill

Bukit Asah is a hill in Bug Bug Village and offers a beautiful panorama of Prasi Beach which you can enjoy from the top of the hill. and towering cliffs.

The calm atmosphere plus the shade of the surrounding trees makes this hill a comfortable place to unwind all day.

2. Virgin Beach

The view of the two green hills that blends with the view of the blue sea with creamy beach sand is the first thing you can see.

Besides the extraordinary attraction that is owned by the virgin beach you can also do many interesting activities which of course add to your excitement in traveling on the virgin beach.

And then you can continue explore the beauty of the Virgin Beach. Take your time and explore the beauty of virgin beach.

3. Tenganan Village

As one of the cultural tourism destinations in Bali, the uniqueness of Tenganan village has its own charm for tourists who visit Tenganan village.

Especially in the system that applies to the life of village communities that regulate all forms of life in society.

There is an endogamy system. In which indigenous people must comply with customary law.

And requires them to marry other indigenous people of Tenganan village.

And if you violate these provisions, you will get a customary sanction, namely leaving the customary village.

This is done to maintain the continuity of the Tenganan natives.

There are many unique things that you can find while traveling in the village.

4. Candi Dasa Beach

The uniqueness of this beach is, the beach has white sand beaches. As well as black and rocky sand beaches, and clear blue sea water. And not only that, not far from the beach, there are three gili (small uninhabited islands).

You can meet the life of various beautiful marine animals when you dive into the sea waters of Candidasa. Even though Famous as a marine tourism destination, many tourist activities are carried out around the coast.

So, those are all the things that we can summarize for you about Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach Karangasem.

Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for those of you who want to know about Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach Karangasem.

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See you again in the next article about exciting tourist spots and also hits in Bali.