Enjoy a beautiful afternoon with your family and loved ones is something that everyone wants. Beach Love Kedungu is currently a trend for spending time on lovely afternoon with family and special ones.

Have a day of routine with fatigue. That may be almost draining and makes us not have quality time with our family and loved ones.

Almost five days of our week, we are trying to achieve all our dreams. We are working, going to school, and even the same boring routine every day.

Sometimes a sense of tired that makes us bored and want something new that can refresh our mind and state of being. That’s why we need a beautiful afternoon.

Where we can let go of the day’s tiredness and seemingly get re-energized for our activities. And sometimes in the weekend we look for a tourist spot to release our fatigue and boredom.

So what kind of recreational place should we visit? Which is both a tourist spot and a place to relieve boredom.

And lately, many people are talking about a beach in the Kedungu area called Beach Love Kedungu. The beach is currently the trend and talk of the moment.

The Beach has a beautiful panorama with a combination of rice field views, sea views, and cliffs around the beach.

Kedungu love beach has a beautiful sunset panorama, which is as beautiful as the sunset panorama offered by Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot Temple attractions.

Many people visit this tourist attraction to enjoy the twilight sky while enjoying the natural scenery around this tourist attraction.

So what is the situation and description of the tourist attraction that is currently a hit and the talk of the town?
So this time the Bali Package team will discuss this tourist attraction named Kedungu Beach Love.


The Beach Love Kedungu – Best Sunset hunting spots in Bali

When we talk about tourist attractions in Tabanan Regency. What comes to our mind are tourist spots such as Jati Luwih tourist attraction with its rice fields, hot spring water attractions, Ulun Danu Beratan temple and botanical garden, and many more.

Of course, when talking about beach attractions in Tabanan, the beach attractions of Tanah Lot Beach and Kedungu Beach are already on your mind.

But did you know that Tabanan also has a new beach tour that complements the tourist spot, which is already known first?

That was Kedungu love beach has a location in the same direction as Tanah Lot Beach and Kedungu Beach.

So when you want to visit this tourist spot, you can also visit Kedungu Beach or Tanah Lot Beach.

Then once they paddle, two three islands are exceeded, and that’s the proverb if you visit this tourist spot.

The location of this beach is on the hill east of Kedungu Beach. The view from this beach is unique. We will get a complete package of rice field views, ocean views, and views from the cliffs around this tourist attraction.

This beach has black sand. And the beach has many rocks, so when the waves come and hit the rocks. It will look like a water blow, that we usually encounter at Nusa Dua Beach.

Splashes of water from the waves hitting the reef will produce a beautiful silhouette.

Besides that, in the beach, we can find a small river that divides the hills into two. And the flow of water from this small river empties into this beach.

To  connecting the two hills, they built a beautiful little wooden bridge. And can be traversed on foot to move between the hills.

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Location and Address

Finding the address and location of this Kedungu love beach is not difficult.

For those of you who often visit Tanah Lot or Kedungu Beach, it will certainly be clear to find the location of this love beach.

Located in Banjar Kedungu, Belalang Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. And the address at Jl. Kedungu Beach, Grasshopper, Kec. Kediri, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82115.

The location of the beach is about 2 km from the west of Tanah Lot Temple and takes about 15 minutes to drive.

If you come from the city of Denpasar to Cinta Kedungu beach, it has a distance of 20 km and takes about 1 hour.

And if you are in the tourist area of ​​Canggu is about 12 km.

Please note if you use a car to come, you have to park at a distance of 400 meters on the side of the road. Then from the parking lot to the location on foot is about 400 meters.

And if you use a motorbike, you can immediately park your motorbike close to the location of The Beach Love Kedungu.

Open Hours

This tourist attraction is open almost every day, and you can come anytime to visit this tourist attraction.

It’s just that this tourist attraction has operating hours open from 4 pm to 8 pm.

The Beach’s location is in an open cliff area with outdoor concept, so if you come when the sun is hot, it will make you uncomfortable during your activities.

The manager of the tourist attraction, recommends visiting this tourist attraction in the late afternoon.
Apart from avoiding the scorching heat, the purpose of this tourist attraction is to hunt for the sunset.

But on Saturday and Sunday holidays, this beach will open earlier, namely at 3 pm.

Entrance Ticket

Meanwhile, the tour manager has not collected a ticket to enter this tourist spot. But we have to pay for parking for the vehicle, that we use to get to this tourist spot.

The rate of parking fee that you have to pay is IDR 5,000 for car parking and IDR 2,000 for motorbike parking.

Food Prices and Menus

It’s incomplete if we enjoy the beautiful scenery of the evening without our favorite food and drink.

Sit and relax on the hill, looking out at the sea off the coast of Kedungu while chatting with family members and loved ones.

It looks like it will be fun when accompanied by delicious and delicious snacks. So don’t worry, here we can also order food and drinks that we want to taste.

In terms of price and taste, all the food and drinks sold in this place have good taste at the right price.

The list of food and beverage prices is as follows.

Main Course Menu
  • BBQ chicken warp – 35k
  • spicy burrito chicken – 35k
  • classic chicken burger – 30k
  • Quesadillas Chicken – 35k
  • classic beef burger – 35k
  • cheese burger – 40k
  • French fries – 15k
  • Chicken spring roll – 18k
  • BBQ sauceage – 15k
  • chick and chips – 25k
  • BBQ chicken wings – 25k
  • Chicken salad – 30k
  • Richeese fire chicken – 30k
  • Chicken and cheese – 30k
  • Orisinal ice tea – 12k
  • Ice milk tea – 15k
  • Citrus ice tea – 15k
  • Lychee ice tea – 15k
  • Lemongrass ice tea – 15k
  • Orange jus – 17k
  • Mango jice – 17k
  • Lime and lemon jus – 15k
  • Cranberry – 17k
  • Apple jus – 17k
  • Coke – 15k
  • Fanta – 15k
  • Sprite – 15k
  • Kratindeng – 15k
  • Soda water – 15k
  • Ice coffee latte – 20k
  • Cappuccino – 20k
  • Kopi susu – 20k
  • ice coffee taro – 23k
  • Coffee avocado – 23k
  • Coffee chocolate – 23k
  • ice coffee red velvet – 23k
  • ice chocolate – 20k
  • ice matcha – 20k
  • ice taro – 20k
  • ice avocado – 20k


To support all tourist activities on this beach, the management has built various facilities for the convenience and comfort of visitors.

As for the facilities that have been built, by the management as stand food and beverage to order food and drinks, several photo booths as spots to take photos, tables and chairs, bean bags, and toilets.

You can use everything when you come, and visit and order food and drinks.

The Attraction of the Beach

The beach love kedungu

Beautiful Sunset

As we discussed earlier, this tourist spot has beautiful sunset views. Of course, who coming to this place will find a beautiful view of the violet sunsets above the twilight horizon sky.

The atmosphere after the sun sets is so geourgous. You will see a sky filled with many stars. Look at the sky full of stars above the hill, while hearing the sound of the waves and feeling the sea breeze.

Besides that, also outdoor lighting decorations add a beautiful and romantic impression to this tourist spot.


Everyone likes to capture photos of the trips they do. At this spot you can capture your journey from entrace you entered this tourist attraction.

You can take pictures along the road to the beach. Where the road on the left and right is still a stretch of green and wide rice fields.

Walking along the rice field bunds, and taking pictures with the background of the rice fields is of course very beautiful, isn’t it?

You can also take a picture against a sunset as a background so that it will show an aesthetic silhouette.

So for those who like to take selfies and enjoy the world of photography. This place has many photo spots that you can use to add to your collection of beautiful photos in your gallery.

A gentle breeze from the sea breeze will add a beautiful effect to the photos you produce.

You can also use a small wooden bridge that stands above the mouth of a small river that connects the hills on the beach as a photo spot.

And try to take different angles from the top of the hills.


This Beach has high and elongated waves. Of course this beach is a paradise for surfers.

As well as Kedungu beach, this beach is often visiting by surfers who want to conquer the waves from this love beach.

Around this beach, you can see shops that provide surfing equipment. In addition, there is now a community on this beach to provide surfing training and equipment.

Stroll Along Coastal Beach

Even though this beach has black sand, the texture of the sand is very soft. So playing on the beach is still fun.

Even though it has high and big waves, we can still play in the water on the beach, as long as we don’t go too far into the middle of the beach.

Besides that, walking on the beach sand and along the coastline is also something you can do. You will be able to see views of the hills and hear the roar of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Walk trough the rice fields.

You can take a walk in the rice fields around this beach. As we have explained, that when you enter this tourist area, you will not immediately see the beach.

But what you see are the rice fields from the entrace, that are on the left and right of the road to the beach. So you can walk through the rice fields and see the various ecosystems in the rice fields.

If you are lucky when visiting these tourist attractions, you can see the activities of the farmers who are harvesting rice. When the harvest season arrives.

Tips for Visit

There are no special tips for visiting this tourist spot. Like a tourist spot that has outdoor theme and presents the sunset as its charm.

You should ensure when you come, the weather is sunny and doesn’t have a forecast of rain.

So those are some reviews that we can share about the beach, which is currently a hit among us, for teenagers, children, and families.

We hope this article will help those of you who want to visit this beach and spend the afternoon with beautiful views of the violet twilight on this beach.