The Bali Package is a legal tour company in Bali. Proud to offers you the Bali private tour package for your Holidays in Bali. Also offers you a complete Package Deals & Tours designed with the best sightseeing, activities and adventures in Bali.

Through this site we would like to provide you with information to help you arrange a private tour package. what you want to do, see and buy, explore Bali with comfortably and securely with us.

With our private tour package, we will advise you where to stay, see, do and buy according to your plan. We can also make recommendations based on fair comparison. Depending on your needs and wants during your Bali tour with all your safety is my main concern. With private transport and professional Driver with a Balinese smile and their experience in tourism services.

The Bali private tour package provide affordable prices and experienced staff of more than 5 years. We proudly offer you various variations of Bali tour packages to support your needs during the holidays on the island of Bali, such as :

Bali Private Tour Package

Bali Private Tour Package is a tour package for viewing the Bali Islands with Unique Cultures and Traditions, Beautiful Places of Interest. Enjoy tour in 6 hours ‘half day tour’ or 10 hours ‘full day tour’ during your holiday in Bali.

The Bali private tour package with professional driver will guide you to visit beautiful panoramic. And other places of interest by doing the best service together for your comfort and pleasure during the tour.

Bali private day tour packages provide flexible tour schedules, according your own interest.  If you do not like the places we visit, we can skip and we will replace with other sites to your interest.

Bali Tours Combination packages

Bali Combination Tour Package designed by combining nature sightseeing and adventure tour in one day trip. Provide an impressive opportunity and experience during your holiday in Bali.

It is a complete range of excursions, sightseeing and travel guides to visit unique places, culture, traditional Balinese social life. It is also combined with benefits such as lunch, dinner, admission, insurance and other arranged into a Bali private tour package.

In this combination tour package you can also choose your activities and adventure tours. We are always ready to escort and provide the best service during Bali Combination Tour with affordable and exact price.

Bali Activities Tour packages

Bali Activities Tour Package is an outdoor and indoor activities package offered by Bali in accordance with our very affordable prices. This Package is Package deals for best tourist activities and adventures in Bali.

Design by professional handling system, friendly staff and insurance cover. We arranged it to make price more cheaper than take it separate. This package include hotel transfers, activities and adventures ticket, Lunch, professional Activity and Adventure guide, insurance.

Bali private transport with driver

Bali private transport with driver to assist your traveling in Bali more easier and enjoyable. with professional Bali driver and private good comfortable car by modern condition will support your needs.

Our team have experience more than 5 years in this field. have good knowledge about places, tourist activity and adventure around Bali.  helpfull, friendly and honest to assist  and drive you with anything you require.

How to make a reservation for Bali private tour package :

  • Simply fill the “ RESERVATION FORM ” which will be sent via Email, Text, Phone, or WhatsApp.
  • After we received your Tour or Activity booking request we will reconfirm again your booking request, to make sure all request is correct.
  • Make sure you put valid email address, so we can reply after received your Tour or Activity booking request.
  • E-mail :
  • Quick Respond Whatsapp on +6281236194398