The question that often arises is how much does a vacation to Bali cost for 3 people? Well for those of you who often wonder about the cost.

This article review will specifically discuss the estimated cost for a vacation to Bali cost for 3 people who often appear in the admin comment column.

Regardless of the basis of the question, but vacation questions like this are very appropriate for us to discuss, right?

Well before that,  let’s first understand a few things about vacation.

Vacation itself is an important thing that must be getting by everyone. That’s why someone is not allowed to rotate himself only to work and work.

Even vacation time arrangements are an important part regulated by the government and companies.

Vacationing gives you the space and time to take a break from the daily routine that can make you tired and feel exhausted.

With a vacation you will get new energy, new enthusiasm and new ideas to return to daily activities.

There are many benefits that you get in a vacation activity. Besides you releasing fatigue due to daily routine.

You will also get new experiences while on vacation. We cannot deny that vacationing will bring us to new things.

And that’s why taking a vacation is important for every individual.

As you already know that Bali is one of the destinations for tourists on vacation.

Some tourists say the cost of vacationing in Bali is expensive, some say it’s cheap, some say it’s standard.

Then which one is right? Well it depends on where you judge it…

What kind of vacation in Bali would you like to take ?.  So everything depends on you

The same as when you choose to  visit Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee in Bali which has many options. That’s an example my friend….

Tips for A vacation To Bali Cost For 3 People

To determine how much you need to spend for A vacation To Bali Cost For 3 People.

You don’t need to be complicated in thinking about how much money is needed in as much detail as possible, which will make you dizzy yourself.

Because there are already several tour packages that we can use to fill our vacation activities, friend.

Which already contains a calculation of the price and the amount of money we will spend. Regardless of the definition of expensive, cheap, and standard that might be your thinking.

But you need to remember that vacationing costs money. So it all depends on what kind of vacation you are going to take. We can use several tour packages that are already available complete with the facilities we will get.

So just prepare some money , then an exciting and interesting vacation awaits you. Although it is possible that we can calculate and prepare our own vacation budget.

Using a tour package from a travel agency is worth it for us to try because everything is usually arranged in detail, so we can relax and enjoy our vacation.

But before that, you must know the tip to choose and use a tour package for a vacation.

Know the participants of the tour

Before you choose what kind of tour package you will choose. You must know the participants of the holiday that you will take on vacation if only 3 people.

Whether your vacation is only for adults, or your vacation invites children.

Because each holiday participant may have their own needs on vacation. Especially if you bring children on vacation, of course, it will require a special treatment.

So you can choose a tour package that suits your interests.

Know Your Vacation Time

How long do you want your vacation time to be? You must know the length of vacation time you want to spend.

So it will make it easier for you to choose a tour package if it has a duration of time that suits your vacation time.

Suppose you choose a tour package that has 2 days 1 night, or one that has 3 days 2 nights, and others.

Know the purpose of vacationing

As we have that vacation is an important thing. So that all vacation activities certainly have a purpose.

Which can make us feel a new spirit and energy. Before going on vacation, we must know the purpose of our vacation this time for what.

So that vacationing is not just an escape from routine but makes vacation time into quality time that is very meaningful and meaningful.

If we know the purpose of our vacation, then we can easily choose tour packages that suit our vacation destination.

Suppose you love the outdoors and want adventure. Of course, you will choose a tour package that will take you to tourist attractions that have beautiful natural panoramas so that you can adventure in the wild.

Know the place of a Tourist Destination

After you know what is your purpose for traveling, of course, you can determine which tourist attractions you will go to by your travel destination.

after pocketing the names of these tourist attractions you can do mini research on interesting things that you can find that suit your travel destination.

Suppose you want to play watersport on a beautiful beach. Of course, you already know and do mini research about which beaches have interesting watersports that you can play.

Then you can easily choose tour packages that have tour programs for Watersport.

Choose Accommodation.

In choosing accommodation, maybe everyone has their standards. So there are people who like to use luxury facilities, some are more using standard facilities and some prefer to use ordinary facilities.

Everything depends on the type of each person in choosing tourist accommodation, but you need to know regardless of what is the choice of accommodation that you use for vacation whether it is expensive.

Cheap or standard, it all depends on your choice.

And most importantly all the accommodations you choose can make you safe, and comfortable in traveling such as residential accommodations, transportation, and public services depending on your choice.

In choosing the accommodation that you will use, you should adjust it to what your needs are.

So after you know your accommodation needs, both hotels and transportation and other supporting facilities. Then you can easily decide on a tour package that can meet your accommodation needs.

Calculate Travel Expenses

Of course when you decide to take a vacation, especially with friends or family. You have prepared a certain amount of money that you plan to use for vacation.

That’s why it’s important for you to know how much money you will use for your vacation, so you can control expenses and limit expenses for vacation.

Making it easier for you to choose tour packages that suit the budget you want to spend.

Choosing a Tour Service

After you understand who is participating in the trip, how long to travel, what is the destination, where you want to travel, what kind of accommodation you want, and how much money you want to spend on vacation.

Then you can see and choose tour packages that can fulfill what you need and want to travel. Many travel agencies will offer you tour packages that have exciting and interesting activities. it all depends on what you need.

So look for a tour package that really suits what you want. Whether the tour package offered is included in the category of expensive, cheap or standard.

It all depends on your choice and judgment. Of course, each tour package will have a different experience for you.

Estimated Cost of Vacation

Of course the discussion of this article is the cost of a vacation to Bali for 3 people. So after you read about the guidelines for choosing a tour package.

You will have an idea of the tour packages that you will choose. That’s why we will provide an overview of the estimated cost of a vacation for 3 people in Bali.

Vacation Package to Bali 2 Days 1 Night for 3 People

Suppose you have 2 days and 1 night to do a tour and want to travel to the southern Bali tourist area with central Bali. your tourist destination is nature tourism as well as cultural tourism.

Then you can choose a tour package that includes the main destinations are GWK tourist destinations, Uluwatu Temple, Uluwatu Kecak Dance, central Bali tourist areas such as Penglipuran, Kintamani, Tegalalang terraced rice fields, and Ubud area.

So you can do cultural tours such as seeing the art of Kecak dance and the charm of the natural beauty of southern Bali and central Bali tourist destinations.

And you can choose a tour package where the first day of the tour visit is to visit GWK, Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Uluwatu Dance, and Dinner in Jimbaran.

For day 2 you can visit other attractions such as Penglipuran, Kintamani, Terraced Rice Fields, Tegalalang, and Ubud area.

Or you can choose the Bedugul tourist attraction option by visiting the Ulun Danu Bedugul temple, bloom garden, and Tanah Lot.

And besides that, when talking about the budget, the price of the tour package has been calculated with entrance tickets to tourist attractions, a car with a driver who doubles as a guide who is ready to be a photographer, lunch, and dinner together according to the program.

So you just sit back and relax towards the tourist attractions and calmly and safely enjoy tourist destinations.

Estimated Price or Cost of Vacation Package to Bali 2 days 1 night for 3 people. Choice of Vacation Package Price / Person

  1. Tour Package 2 days 1 night without Hotel 1,195,000
  2. Tour 2 days 1 night plus Hotel 1,445,000

Vacation package 3 days 2 nights for 3 persons

First, we travel to southern Bali tourist destinations such as Melasti Beach or Pandawa, Uluwatu Temple, and kecak dance then a romantic dinner in Jimbaran.

And on day 2 you can visit tourist destinations in the Bangli and Ubud areas by visiting Penglipuran Village.

Then travel to Mount Batur Tourism Objects with beautiful views of Lake Batur. And on day 3 visit Tanah Lot temple before returning to Ngurah Rai airport.

This includes airport transfers and transportation for 3 days with a friendly driver. Entrance tickets and Kecak dance performances are also included, in addition to lunch and dinner.

Bali Vacation Cost 3 days 2 nights for 3 persons

Vacation Package Option Cost/person

  1. 3 days 2 nights in Bali without hotel 1,450,000/person
  2. 3 days 2 nights in Bali plus hotel 1,795,000/person

Vacation Package to Bali 4 days 3 nights for 3 persons

As for the vacation package to Bali 4 days and 2 nights if you have a longer time on vacation.

Usually, this vacation is a group, family, and honeymoon vacation.

As usual, on the first-day visit southern Bali such as Melasti and Pandawa beaches, then Uluwatu, and finally dinner in Jimbaran Bali.
Day 2 is a one-day trip to Nusa Penida, visiting Klingking Beach, Angel Billabong, Paluang Cliff, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay.

Then day 3 visit Penglipuran tourist village, Kintamani village, Tegalalang rice terraces, and Ubud area.

Or you can choose the Bedugul tourist attraction option by visiting the Ulun Danu Bedugul temple, bloom garden, and sunset in Canggu or Seminyak.

For day 4 visit Tanah Lot then transfer back to Ngurah Rai Airport Bali. Well, this 4-day 3-night vacation package includes everything that is scheduled. Transportation, private tour, Nusa Penida tour, and meals.

Cost of a 4-day 3-night Bali vacation for 3 people Vacation Package Option Cost / Person

  1. 4 days 3 nights in Bali without hotel 2,250,000
  2. 4 days 3 nights in Bali plus hotel 2,567,000

Daily Bali Tour Package

  1. One Day Nusa Penida East Tour All Inclusive is IDR 550.000/ person
  2. Tanah Lot Sunset Tour Packages is IDR 450.000/ person
  3. Bali Full-Day Traditional Village Sightseeing Trip All Inclusive is IDR 450.000/person
  4. Bedugul Jatiluwih Tanah Lot Tour Package is IDR 450.000/person
  5. Snorkeling Blue Lagoon Bali – All Inclusive is IDR 550.000/person
  6. Ubud Tour – Best of Ubud – All Inclusive is IDR 400.000/person
  7. Bali Swing Tour Package is IDR 500.000/person
  8. Nusa Penida Instagram Tour is IDR 550.000/ person
  9. One Day Nusa Penida West Tour All Included is IDR 525000/ person
  10. Best of Bali Waterfalls Tour: Tibumana, Tukad Cepung and Tegenungan is IDR 375000/person

All the costs listed on the tour package have certainly gone through careful and detailed calculations, friends.

So you can enjoy a relaxing vacation, besides that, by knowing the amount of money spent on vacation you make it easy to monitor expenses, right.

And that’s an overview of the estimated cost of a vacation for those of you who want to vacation in Bali and have a certain capacity in terms of time, cost, and energy.

Of course, the selection of tour packages that you choose will adjust to your wants and needs.

Regardless of the expensive, cheap or standard cost of a package all depends on you. Hopefully this article can help you find and determine a complete tour package and according to what you want.

See you in our next articles, regarding updates on tourism developments and tourist objects around Bali.