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8 Reasons to Visit Bali for the first timers

8 Reasons to Visit Bali for The First Timers

8 Reasons to Visit Bali for The First Timers. Bali is a very alluring destination in Southeast Asia. It is more well known as the best tropical paradise in Indonesia. There are various experiences to soak up, sumptuous foods to try, incredible adventure to delve into for the first-timers.

For more inspiration, here are 8 convincible reasons to visit Bali.

1. Natural greenery

From year to year, Bali is praised by Nature lovers for its stretch of natural greenery. The allure consists of terraced rice paddies, riverside luxuriant vegetation together with vast palm tree plantations. You can take in the panoramic views of the sceneries by treks through the rolling hills, traverse the countryside on two-wheel or embark on river rafting through the rainforests. After the adventure, you will witness the beauty this Indonesian Island has to offer. For first-timers, you can refer to Bali as a place to enjoy the nature like no other. So that way become one of the 8 reasons to visit Bali

2. Surf Scene

Traveling around the globe in search of best-surfing destinations; Bali can’t miss the list. Surfing is one of the reasons for the first group of visitors to this Island in the 1960s. Its waves are just excellent for experts and novice surfers. All year round, numerous travelers flock in for a great experience on Bali’s waters. Those who fancy a glimpse of the Island than to get wet, there is a handful selection of lively beachfront pool clubs and drink shacks just for you to sip on fresh coconuts.

3. Endless Beaches.

Not only adventure, but Bali is also endowed with flawless shorelines that are spread with fine sands and fringed by crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Its beautiful beaches of Kuta and Seminyak make it a true getaway for laid-back holidays. During the day you can bask in the open air while taking in magnificent views of the seascapes and reflections of sun rays on the waters.

4. Balinese people

Other than Bali’s incredible natural sceneries, the welcoming Balinese people also stand amongst the prime reasons why you should visit Bali. Starting from the smiley face of the driver picking you from the airport to the en-route locals waving at you, you will believe that Bali is a place to live with locals. You can have more local encounters through visits to the local markets, join conversations with the locals and get to know more about their ways of living.

5. Rice Terraces

A part of Bali`s stunning nature is formed by its cascading rice terraces. These beautiful sceneries can also be found if you take a tour to Vietnam, China, Myanmar or the Philippines. Once in Bali, you will be quickly tempted by Ubud rice terraces which are decorated by green palm lines, exotic huts. A trek into the heart of Ubud or a gentle swing on the field side could be a perfect postcard for your trip.

6. Unique cuisine

From coconut rice served with steamed chicken noodles, beef bamboo dumplings to chilled Moscow Mule, Bali has a variety of tasty food specialities to savor for those who are after culinary adventure. Streets are lined with thousands of food stalls, serving meals at affordable prices; you can stop by, for one of the best experiences on your Bali trip.

7. Explore Bali with private car atau Scooter ( motorbikes )

You can delve into Bali’s ever-captivating charm by various options. Among them, by rental private car with local driver atau pun rental motorbikes. But exploring it on two-wheels is second to none. Riding a scooter via hill hugging roads doesn’t only help you get from one location to another but also awards sweeping views of roadside sceneries, towering cliffs and more. With your valid driving license, wear a helmet, learn the flow of Bali’s traffic. And after that, you are good to go.

8. Paradise Adventures

Although Bali is extraordinary as a tourism center. But Bali still offers a variety of non-paved roads, the perfect forest path for Quad Adventure. The long river is quite challenging for you to conquer with white water rafting adventures and much more. You can find these adventures in The Bali Package. You will find a trip of your lifetime, crossing parts of the estate. Then the traditional villages, culture and forests of Bali are the most impressive. Well, by 8 reasons to visit Bali for the first-timers above. Its can add to your interest for a vacation in Bali.